2nd World Conference on Exercise Medicine (WCEM) Ends On A High Note

Experts Congregate to Discuss Prevention of Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs)

The 2nd World Conference on Exercise Medicine (WCEM) hosted by MONSPACE MULTINATIONAL CORP was held on 24-26 September at the Hotel Equatorial in Malacca. The organiser, MS NEW SYMPHONY EXERCISE CLINIC invited more than 700 medical experts from over 33 countries to attend the conference, discussing 60 key health issues.

In 2017, Monspace has successfully held the 1st WCEM. In March 2018, they hosted the first meeting in preparation for the 2nd WCEM in Dubai. The conference this year was set to include 6 major topics: exercise and cancer prevention, exercise and immunity, exercise and cardiovascular diseases, exercise and endocrinology, exercise and metabolism, and lastly exercise and nutrition.

The International Exercise Medicine and Science Committee was founded and guided by the WHO Non-Communicable Diseases Prevention Unit and the European Medical Association. The WCEM is set up to prevent non-communicable diseases at a global level.

According to reports by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the annual death toll due to NCDs stand at 41 million people globally, making up 71% of all human deaths.

WHO’s report also shows cardiovascular diseases as the top killer, taking 17.9 million lives a year, followed by cancer (9 million deaths), respiratory diseases (3.9 million deaths) and diabetes (1.6 million deaths).

Founder and CEO of MONSPACE MULTINATIONAL CORP, and head organiser of WCEM Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai pointed out at the opening ceremony: “The main causes of widespread NCDs are tobacco use, lack of exercise, alcohol abuse, and unhealthy diets.”

There is evidence that shows that of all deaths caused by NCDs, 17 million cases happened before the age of 70. Early death are most significantly caused by unhealthy diets and a lack of exercise. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. These are also called metabolic risk factors, which can cause cardiovascular diseases, and are the main causes of early death due to NCDs.

“Nevertheless, NCDs can be effectively prevented through effective intervention. This includes the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, adjusting diets, quitting cigarettes, stop drinking alcohol in excess and exercise more,” said WCEM vice-chairman Prof Dr Lee Chee Peng who is also the CEO of MS NEW SYMPHONY EXERCISE CLINIC.

The International Scientific Committee on Exercise Medicine, set up after the 1st WCEM, has maintained a close working relationship with WHO. It participated in the “Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of NCDs 2013-2020”, contributing its part to help reduce the growth rate of NCDs worldwide.

As such, medical experts from around the world will be attending the WCEM and discussing their research findings on NCDs.

This year, a wide breadth of topics are covered, including: Breastfeeding & NCD Prevention, Exercise & Behavioural Changes, Exercise & the Elderly, Exercise & Endocrinology.

Medical experts attending this conference are coming in from Malaysia, Belgium, Switzerland, Slovakia, Taiwan, England, US, Philippines, Syria, Ukraine, Singapore, Japan, Korea and more.

“Everyone has the right to enjoy a healthy life. We believe we can address the main causes of NCDs, removing the biggest obstacles to global health. We look to medical experts to come up with new ways of combatting health issues, paving the way for innovative, bold and practical solutions to step up the prevention of NCDs,” said Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai.

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