25-Year-Old Signs Multi-Million-Dollar Contract To Have Successful Online Organic Skincare Products Sold In Department Stores Worldwide

He has made his online store an international success in less than 5 months, now the young entrepreneur has the opportunity of a lifetime to begin expanding his products into department stores worldwide.

Ryan Zamo has swept the organic skincare industry off of its feet in the past 5 months with his company Z Skin Cosmetics, a 100% organic based hair and skincare company, which has become a leader in the organic industry in its short time on the market.

The 25-year-old started making the products just last year as an affordable solution to his own cystic acne and hair loss problems. His parents are both well rounded in the organic fields, as his mother is a retired plant biologist and horticulturist and his father being from Budapest, Hungry.

With the booming success of his online business and the influx of costumers from around the world, Zamo was soon bombarded by leading corporations around the world, he told us “These huge corporations and companies from around the world kept offering me a lot of money to buy and sell the formulas to my products, but I told them didn't start my company for the money, and continually kept denying their offers. But I guess after a while, they started to wise up. I was thrilled when I was actually contacted, for the first time to not sell them my formulas, but for the opportunity to just sell my products in stores worldwide.”

With the new contract, the 25-year-old CEO will be in negotiation with multiple large name stores around the world to sell his products within the next year, explaining, “Well, the current contract that we signed was for just a few countries. But after successfully getting into smaller chains in these countries, we have been able to begin negotiating with some of the largest beauty supply chains in the world. The number one selling point was that my products aren't just a brand, they're a story, and my story is definitely one thing I didn't want to lose as my company started growing."

Ryan Zamo has taken his small line of products and turned them into an international success story in just a few months. The systems offered have already won awards around the world for hair regrowth, powerful acne treatments and highly efficient anti aging products. He has been featured on television shows, news articles, magazines and radio interviews around the world, and now has the shot to truly become a globally recognized company. The 25-year-old took a bit of passion and love for helping others, and has truly become a classic American Dream success story.

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