25-Year-Old Rejects Corporate-Millionaire’s Deals To Buy Secrets To Extraordinary Organic Treatments

The 25-year-old CEO has been dubbed as the “Organic Mastermind”, with his ability to execute unprecedented organic alternatives to the most remarkable treatments ever created.

Overnight, the young entrepreneur has turned his organic treatments into a worldwide phenomenon, leaving the huge corporations hungry for his secrets. Z Skin Cosmetics has hit record-breaking worldwide sales in the past few months it’s been on the market, even with every product priced under $17.

Ryan Zamo is being hailed as the creator of “The Product of The Year” by the Wall Street Journal, “The Next Proacitv” by the Daily Herald, and “Best New Affordable Skincare Line” by The Daily News. He’s produced the ability to instantly remove bags and puffiness under eyes, safer and more effective organic alternatives to chemical face peels and trailblazing alternatives to replace laser hair removal.

Both lines, Z Skin and Z Hair have won awards from around the world for the miraculous results they’ve produced. His organic systems have helped thousands around the world with acne, sagging skin, excess body hair and even eczema. The award winning products include Zz Eye, the product that will instantly remove dark bags and circles from under eyes, Mid Day Oil Relief that instantly absorbs and stops excess oil on the skin, “Hairless” the faster organic treatment to laser hair removal, The Miracle Face Peel that remove scars and age spots, and the entire Z Hair line to produce thicker, fuller, faster growing hair.

The 25-year-old CEO of the company grew up around the miracles of organic remedies his whole life. His mother is a plat biologist and horticulturist and his father immigrated from Budapest, Hungry “I never thought growing up with my crazy parents, who chased me down with weeds from the backyard, would actually help me become successful” the young CEO said.

When asked about how he began, Zamo explained “I had terrible acne, thinning hair and was tired of trying everything, from pills to creams and everything you can imagine. I was done spending exuberant amounts of money on products that couldn’t help me, so I finally sat down and studied ancient herbal medical books, with the help of my parents” said the 25-year-old. To date, every product that is sold, is created for the young entrepreneur himself, “I still use every product, everything I sell is because I needed it, or my mom told me to make it for her” Zamo added.

Still handcrafting his skincare, and keeping a one-on-one basis with customers, Ryan Zamo seems to truly be a one-of-a-kind CEO. “I make, bottle, label, pack and ship every item myself, I love the feeling of giving a true hand made gift that will bring so much jot to someone. That’s a big reason why I refuse to sell out, plus I have no idea what they will put into my products” Zamo said.

With his extraordinary determination to help others, colorful uplifting spirit and personal touch on his business, Ryan Zamo has turned his company into an over night success. His products have helped thousands, and by the companies exponential growth, it seems that Ryan Zamo and Z Skin Cosmetics aren’t stopping soon.

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