25-Year-Old Reaches International Success Within A Week With Homemade Organic Products

His organic skincare and hair care products have become an internationally selling system for hair loss and anti-aging after just months, now the young entrepreneur is taking on a new industry.

Ryan Zamo is now the 25-year-old CEO of his own internationally recognized organic cosmetics company, Z Skin Cosmetics, which has already produced several successful hair and skincare lines. Zamo began making products just last year in his kitchen, to help his own cystic acne and hair loss problems. Now the young entrepreneur has taken on another industry, with the release of his own mineral makeup line, Zz Mineral Makeup. Within just a week, Zamo’s mineral makeup line has already hit worldwide success and seems to be the biggest addition to his company yet.

Just like his original products, Zz Mineral Makeup is hand crafted by the young entrepreneur. Zamo has included a rare mixture of exotic and unprecedented crystals, which contain mesmerizing colors and help with irritated red skin, inflammation as well as many other skin healing properties. His company is 100% organic and the new mineral makeup line is already breaking industry standards with its innovative ingredients and affordability.

Zamo's organic skincare and hair care products have already been internationally applauded and are becoming a globally recognized brand. The young entrepreneur seems to have found his passion, and continues to try and expand his knowledge on helping others overcome the situations he faced with his own hair and skin problems.


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Name: Ryan Zamo
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Organization: Z Skin Cosmetics
Website: http://www.z-skin-cosmetics.com/apps/webstore/

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