25-Year-Old CEO Continues To Refuse Multi-Million-Dollar Deals To Sell Secret Behind Organic Alternative To Chemical Face Peels

Large corporations around the world are begging to be part of the action, but the young CEO doesn't seem to be budging. A $1,000 treatment at the doctors office now costs just under $16, proven safer for the skin, less harsh and produces better results.

The award winning organic face peel is priced at just $15.99 and has the entire organic skincare industry baffled. Ryan Zamo, the now successful 25 year old CEO of Z Skin Cosmetics, is quickly taking the world by storm. His take on organic skincare and admiration of life has turned the entire organic skincare industry upside down. When asked why he turned down the offers, the young entrepreneur stated “I don’t do it for the money. I really do enjoy my products and my company, as nice as it would be to say “I sold my product and bought myself a mansion and a jet when I was 25” it just isn’t what I am looking for. I enjoy hand making everything, and bottling it, labeling it and packing it. I love the feeling of giving a truly handmade gift to customers”.

Z skin became a company after Ryan Zamo realized his homemade skincare did one thing that other skincare products didn’t; they actually worked. “I realized that I had an amazing product, and I wanted to share it with the world, that’s why I priced everything under $16, so anyone could afford it” the successful entrepreneur said. Z Skin went from a college kids idea to an international success story in under 4 months. The 25 year old  started Z Skin for himself, to clear his own acne problems. Zamo included "Then, my mom wanted me to create things for her, like the face peel, the face lift lotion, Zz eye to instantly remove dark bags and circles and everything else in my complete age defying system”.

Ryan Zamo has had a great deal of hands-on experience with herbs and oils his entire life. His mother is a plant biologist and horticulturist and his father is a Hungarian native, both with extensive insight into organic alternative medicine. “After countless hours of research, I finally figured out what made the chemical peels work so well. I took that idea and dove into the chemistry of exotic herbs and oil and pulled together a stronger, safer and more effective solution to it!” the 25 year old CEO mentioned. “I used the same principle with my hair care line, Z Hair, I researched what was making my hair thin out, fall out and begin breaking. Then, I sat and researched how nature can restore life to my hair.”

There is no denying that the products work; Z Skin Cosmetics has already won multiple awards for its outstanding results. Ryan Zamo has also been hailed as the creator of “The Next Proactiv” by The Wall-Street Journal, and the daily news names Z Skin “Better Than Proactiv And Clinique”. The company has been awarded “The Best New Skincare System” by The LA Times, CBS News, Fox News and countless other credible news sources. Z Skin Cosmetics is a 100% organic based skincare line, with its products beating out both Clinique´and Proactiv in trial tests. Judging by the exponential worldwide admiration of his products, Ryan Zamo seems to be on his way to becoming the top organic skincare company to date.

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