25-Year-Old Becomes International Success In Under 6 Months With Organic Anti-Aging Products

The college student began making anti-aging products for his mom last year; today his company is becoming an industry leader for organic skincare.

Almost $25 billion is spent annually on anti-aging products around the world, and it seems many will go to great lengths to stay looking young. With chemical-based skincare under the microscope by today’s consumers, the organic skincare industry is booming more than ever. However, as the demand for organic products increase, it seems the prices have skyrocketed with it. But a new unprecedented company is now paving the way for the organic industry, its name; Z Skin Cosmetics.

Already winning awards worldwide for its low price and high performance products; it has become an international success within months. Ryan Zamo, now the very successful CEO of the company told us, “I really didn’t think much about my products when I first made them. I mean, to the person who creates them they’re obviously the best thing ever, but it’s kind of like everyone thinking they have the worlds greatest pet”.

The young entrepreneur began creating organic skincare last year for his own cystic acne problems, he told us “I literally tried out every single treatment possible, pills and creams and every infomercial product. The only difference I did notice with them was that I was losing more and more money each time. That’s one of the reasons I priced my products extremely low, so that anyone can afford it, I want people to achieve the same happiness I had with my results”.

With the noticeable difference in his own skin, Zamo decided to further his endeavor with creating organic products, adding “After I made my own acne products and my skin actually cleared up, my mom begged me to whip her up something to help out with her aging skin, so I did some research and got to work. I didn’t think it would actually turn out right the first time making it, my acne products took a few weeks of trial and error to get it right. But to my surprise, she loved them! Before I knew it I had customers, stores and large corporations from around the world ordering them”.

However, Zamo’s mother has more to be accredited to in her son’s success, outside of just asking him to create anti-aging products. The key attribution in his highly effective products may actually be his parent’s deep-rooted history in organics, his mother a longtime plant biologist and horticulturist and his father growing up in Hungary. “I do have to admit that my parents are the ones who jump started my knowledge into this, my dad always shared with me the crazy ways they used to treat hair and skin with herbs and oils as he was growing up, and my mom knew the exotic and hidden medicinal herbs from around the world” the 25-year-old told us.

Zamo used his knowledge from his parents and hit the pavement researching even further into herbal remedies, saying, “It was just so interesting to me, and after realizing there are so many herbal traditions from Hungary that no one else knows about, it intrigued me to study smaller cultures and villages around the world.” Today, his ingredient list spans across the globe, integrating thousands of ancient herbal medical practices from cultures around the world.

With the extreme rate and exponential growth, Ryan Zamo’s 1 or 2 handmade products have become both internationally selling skincare and hair care lines. Recent reports mentioned the 25-year-old repeatedly turning down corporations offering multi-million-dollar deals for him to sell his formulas, stating “Believe it or not, I still create each order. I bottle it myself, label it, package it and ship it, I work about 19-20 hours per day. But to me, this is not work, I love every second of it, nobody is hovering over me making me do this. I always say “if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work another day in your life.” I never started doing this for the money, I did it to help others out, so hearing customers thanking me for changing their lives is worth way more than these corporations can ever offer me.”

The talented and hardworking CEO, at just 25-years-old, is truly setting a new standard for the organic industry. His hard work, dedication and passion to help others have brought him accelerated international success and has made him a truly triumphant success story.

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