247 Restoration Launches Campaign To Warn Consumers of Home Flooding Dangers

Speed is essential when dealing with flood damage, reports 247 Restoration.

About 40 percent of homeowners have experienced water damage to their homes at some point or another, and it is the second-most frequent source of insurance claims in the United States. A tiny, 1/8-inch crack in a pipe can spew 250 gallons of water a day into a house, so the damage involved can be severe. With these facts in mind, 247 Restoration (http://247restorationatlanta.com/) announces its water damage restoration service.

"Proper water damage restoration can prevent a flooded home from developing mold, rot, and other catastrophic problems," says Nick Clark, a representative of 247 Restoration. "In many cases, the growth of mold or the rotting of support timbers would otherwise cause far more damage than the original flood."

That's not to say that the water itself doesn't cause damage. It will stain painted walls and strip the finish from wood paneling. It also destroys household contents such as TVs and appliances. "Even so," notes Clark, "structural damage is usually far more expensive to fix. Floorboards and underlayment can warp or crack, and support timbers can become too weak to hold up the house. This is why it's important to get started on restoration right away. Fast action can save a house from having to be rebuilt."

If a storm or natural disaster has brought the water, it's impossible to stop the flow until the storm has passed. Leaky pipes and backed-up sewers, on the other hand, are relatively easy to control. Any controllable water source should be shut off right away. This is usually just a matter of shutting off the flow at the valve prior to the leaky section.

Once the water has been shut off or the storm has gone away, it's time for 247 Restoration to come in to do water damage control. "The first thing we do is dry out the structure," Clark says. "We'll use vacuums, mops, special fans, and granules to get the affected area as dry as possible. This will stop the water from causing even more damage than it already has."

After the building is dry, it's time to get to work on actually restoring the structure. Damaged timbers and drywall will be removed and replaced with new, solid versions that can do their intended jobs. Other restorations, such as replacing ruined carpets, will also be performed.

"Once we're done, your house or building should look and smell like new," Clark promises. "We'll also make sure that no mold is hiding in the walls to cause problems later on. The house will be restored to its pre-flood condition." For more information about 247 Restoration's services, readers should go to 247restorationatlanta.com/water-damage (http://247restorationatlanta.com/water-damage/). This page also offers tips for minimizing damage before restoration begins.

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247 Restoration is an Atlanta company that specializes in restoring homes after water damage, mold infestation, or both. It serves Atlanta as well as surrounding areas such as Cumming, Union City, Duluth, and Palmetto.

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