24 Hour Therapy shows great promise for resistant symtoms

24 Hour Therapy, first of its kind, guarantees results allowing their clients to come for as many sessions as needed at no additional cost: Paying once per symptom.

24 Hour Therapy

TARZANA, California. — 24 Hour Therapy has opened a new location in Tarzana on Monday, January 27th. It's the first of its kind in its approach to removing mental blocks using Hypnosis and NLP. And their Pay-for-symptom, Not-For-Session approach provides clients the guarantee they crave. 24 Hour Therapy believes that clients should pay once per symptom and continue to get treated at no additional cost, no matter how many sessions it takes.

"You never have to wonder if you're going to get your money's worth. " says Kevin Rochez, CEO and technical adviser. "We are confident in our ability to eliminate the root cause of symptoms and have an extremely high success rate with addiction, PTSD, Obsession, overcoming trauma, anxiety, overthinking and much more."

To learn more, or to schedule a free 30 minute assessment, visit www.24HourTherapy.com. All sessions are by appointment only.

“I am looking forward to serving clients not just in the greater Los Angeles area but internationally,” said Saman Nasir, CHt.. “Helping clients get through the pain and create a life of purpose is rewarding to me. You'll see that our sessions work very quickly and most see 30-40% relief in the first session."

Services available at 24 Hour Therapy include but are not limited to:

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety - Whether your anxiety started after a breakup, being laid off from work or any other sudden or chronic changes in your life, that anxiety is coming from a very protective part of the brain known as the amygdala. This part of the brain is very geared towards survival and that is why it can seem so vulnerable yet stubborn. That does not mean that it can not be reasoned with. It just speaks a different language. By working directly with the amygdala and helping to form connections of safety with the logical brain known as the left prefrontal cortex, practitioners at 24 Hour Therapy are able to calm down the source of your anxiety. And they do not stop until the job is done.

Hypnotherapy For Addiction - Their hypnotherapists use a system of gentle imagery to guide people through their feelings to find the connection of addiction to basal ganglia, and particularly the striatum: The part of the brain that makes it hard to give up the substance of your cravings. They use modalities to find your vulnerable parts and empower them with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is known to not only show an instantaneous reduction in symptoms, but a structural change in the brain over a period of six weeks or more.

Hypnotherapy For Obsessive Thoughts - 24 Hour Therapy has had incredible success in helping clients find relief from reoccouring obsessive thought which are nothing more than the limbic brain's need for safety. Once that part of the psyche is put under a calm, hypnotic state it is then systematically rewired with reframing the particular memories responsible. By finding those key moments of loss of control in the mammalian brain, they are able to rewire and re-teach the brain more flexible responses.

"Come as many times as you need to for the particular symptom. We won't charge you twice for the same thing." Remarks Palmer Blevins CHt. and Mindfulness Coach. "We wouldn't offer that kind of guarantee if we didn't have faith in our ability to reframe the mind." Palmer has helped many clients with OCD and anxiety finding relief for clients that years of therapy and self-help books could not provide. Many Marriage and Family Therapists find themselves referring clients to him for obsessive thoughts.

Free assessments – If you want quick change in how you feel, you can see or speak to one of their hypnotherapists for a free, 30-minute assessment.

They evaluate your symptoms to ensure they fall under vocational/avocational self-improvement as they do not work directly with disorders whether already diagnosed or not. This is for your own safety. But they are able to refer to their network of doctors, licensed counselors, therapists and psychiatrists.

24 Hour Therapy is known for their convenient hours, including early mornings, all hours of the night and weekends. Clients can schedule an initial consultation quickly, sometimes the same or next day, but always within 24-48 hours.

24 Hour Therapy
18607 Ventura Boulevard, suite 310
Tarzana, California 91356

(424) 653-6638



24 Hour Therapy provides the ability to get hypnotherapy and NLP at all hours of the day to change how you feel immediately with just a phone call. This service is made available with phone and Skype sessions throughout the US and abroad. The physical office is located in Tarzana.

24 Hour Therapy has a high client satisfaction ratio and is dedicated to volunteering and charitable giving.

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