2018-2019 Rusty Tweed Drug-Free Scholarship Award Announced

Second Annual Scholarship Award Supports Goals for Educating a Generation That Pursues Success Without Drug Use.

The Robert "Rusty" Tweed Scholarship Foundation is pleased to announce the second winner of the annual $1,000 scholarship award. Further, congratulations and best wishes to all who entered the contest prior to the April 30, 2019 deadline. An overwhelming number of applications poured in this year. Applicants were asked to submit an essay answering the question "What creative ways can you come up with to promote drug free living?” The contest was open to all high school seniors who have already been accepted to college or university, as well as current college or university students who submitted their 500-word essay answering this thought provoking question. 

The 2018-2019 winner, Nicholas Rakonick will be attending Notre Dame as a Finance major in the upcoming academic year. With a minor in Actuarial Science and a supplemental major in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics, Nicholas will certainly have a strong future filled with countless possibilities in the world of finance and economics. The winner provided inspiring quotes and creative ideas for promoting drug free living. This is an important area for the Rusty Tweed Drug-Free Scholarship, which supports healthy living and healthy economics. Developing these values in young people is especially important for a sustainable economy for future generations.

The Drug Free Scholarship initiative is only one of the many philanthropic efforts hosted and maintained by Robert Tweed. Throughout the year, he is active in many programs that focus on education, youth empowerment, and living a healthy lifestyle. The educational workshops are not solely directed toward younger recipients, as evidenced by Mold Zero, an impact solution for homeowners who experienced challenges with mold. Education, empowerment, and the betterment of humankind are the underlying goals of the Rusty Tweed Drug-Free Scholarship and most other projects that Mr. Tweed supports. A well-rounded entrepreneur and innovative change maker, Tweed wants to ensure that the legacy of his success is far reaching and meaningful. 

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