2013 Gibson Les Paul Studio Line Released in Style

The four highest selling guitars in the world are all Les Pauls and the best seller of all those now has it's very own new home.

The all new 2013 Gibson Les Paul Studio is out and even has its very own new home. The entire series of six strings is even being hosted in its very own online showcase and it's garnering all the attention it so well deserves. Although From it's explosive launch when it was received instantly by the public as a success, to the present it's never been a stranger to attention.

In 1983, when Hendrix wrote that song on a Fender Strat he probably wasn't expecting it to be the same year Gibson would release what would become the worlds favorite guitar. Every year after that it has climbed the ranks in terms of quality, sales and popularity to the point of now holding both the #1 and 2 spots for global sales. 2013 isn't looking like it's going to be any different either with Gibson Guitars keeping all the best of the line intact and even releasing all new additions to the mix.

One noted loss to the Studio line was the Les Paul Nitrous, an extremely, luminously painted version of the guitar. There are still many Nitrous's left in stock in different outlets but they'll more than likely be going quick now as they're soon to become collectors items.

One obvious gain for the Studio line on the other hand is the fact that it now has it's very own piece online realty to show off it's charm exclusively. This brand new website is also offering guitar lessons for those who are excited about getting a Gibson even if they aren't quite sure how to play it. All in all it's a well rounded recipe for excitement for music lovers everywhere.


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Name: luke sousa
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Organization: LSeosa
Address: 71 southwalk bay
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Website: http://gibsonlespaulstudio.org

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