2 Rivers Properties Now Offers Commercial Property Management Services

The full-service real estate brokerage provides their clients with real estate sales services, property management services and loan assistance, reports 2riversprop.com

2 Rivers Properties has announced they are now offering commercial property management services as well as commercial property sales. The firm’s owners have dedicated themselves to providing the best real estate services in the Sacramento Area. After excelling in residential property management for the past two years, 2 Rivers Properties has decided to expand into providing commercial property management as well.

"Our organization provides a range of real estate services to our clients. After providing successful residential property management to our clients, some of them have asked us if we could provide our management services to their commercial properties as well. Over time, we slowly began expanding into providing commercial property management services. We realized many of the same principles that apply to residential property management translate to the commercial side as well. After improving our commercial property management knowledge and gaining experience, we have decided to expand our business to provide commercial property management services to everyone in the Sacramento area," said Nicole Burris, owner of 2 Rivers Properties.

Ibisworld.com reports that the property management industry is a 75 billion dollar industry, which is expected to stay positive in the future. The reason is due to the important role property management plays in producing positive real estate investment returns. Real estate investments will always be an important tranche in an investor’s portfolio. They remain to be long-term investments and it is important that the buildings or homes are properly maintained and managed. Cash flow is a big factor at play, so having a reliable and experienced property management firm helps with the management of an investment by limiting vacancy risk, as an example.

"Property owners in Sacramento have taken notice of the service we are providing, and our move to the commercial side has come naturally. As always, we are focused on providing value to our customers; this is our core focus and it has allowed us to continue growing," Burris continued.

In addition to offering property management services, 2 Rivers Properties provides full real estate sales services as well as loan assistance. Their blog (www.2riversprop.com/blog) provides a wealth of information that visitors will find to be of great aid. Anyone interested in buying, selling or renting a property should take the time to explore the site and learn.

"If you’re looking to get involved in the real estate space, be sure to visit our website, http://2riversprop.com/, and check out our blog. To reiterate, we focus on providing value to our clients and one of the ways we do this is by educating our clients. It happens to be that our site is offered to anyone and everyone; it has a bunch of valuable information and can be utilized by everybody," Burris declares.

About 2 Rivers Properties:

2 Rivers Properties consist of a team of real estate brokers and property managers, all committed to providing top quality real estate services. They work with homeowners all around the Sacramento Area. They cover every aspect needed for a property to be managed. The goal is for them to manage their client’s investments and help get them a positive return in the future.

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