1st Annual Charity Raffle For Humanity

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To help a local 36-year-old Tempe Mother of three who clings to live after a year long battle with Cancer

Ceo Shawn Haviland announced today April 12th,2019 that he and other local businesses have organized a raffle with a drawing to be held live on Saturday April 27th At 12:00 pm in downtown Phoenix at Haus of Vapors located at 2824 E Indian School Rd #12 Phoenix, AZ 85016. The event starts at 11 am we invite you to bring the family and help us give back to this great community we share, proceeds from this event will go directly to help a local 36-year-old Tempe mother of three Brittney Cusumano who clings to life after a yearlong battle with Colon Cancer.

My self like so many others have always known the health care system is in need of some work, but it really hit home when it struck Brittney Cusumano, a family friend, Brittney fell ill with colon cancer at age 36, much younger than usual, her condition was overlooked several times to due to the strict guidelines in place for testing, set by the insurance companies, while facts show that it is extremely rare, it does happen, and it is this very reason that the first annual charity raffle for humanity is born.

● Tickets are only $7.50 each with prizes ranging from $25.00 up to $4000.00 and can be purchased online at: https://rafflecreator.com/pages/29221/raffle-for-life

● Proceeds will fund the immune Geno therapy for Brittney a treatment that uses your own immune system to seek out the cancerous cells and eradicates them without traditional harm associated with standard chemo.

● More information about the new FDA approved gene-targeted cancer treatment can be found here: http://issels.com

● These types of events spread awareness, and give exposure to new science being developed, in this case will make it possible for a young woman with a very complex case of colon cancer an alternative to death, while benefitting science by furthering research with voluntary trials, and will help bring a cure that much closer.

While previously my primary basis for work have focused on real estate, construction, and personal profit things have changed directions, after an injury that has left me disabled and after now facing a second tragedy so close to me, I plan to connect with the community and to use my 20 years of business experience to fight cancer, fundraising.

I will be organizing several charity events throughout the year. with preliminary plans to release a yearly schedule of future fundraising events by August 2019 we are excited to begin our journey to fight cancer, fund research, and help as many local families one at a time until cancer is no longer a fight.

If anyone, or any other local business would like to contact us in regards to participating in this or any future events or you would just like to donate please contact us at.

Shawn Haviland Eisllc2018@gmail.com or (602)245-6714

You help by donating or find out more info about this cause at : https://www.gofundme.com/Please-help-Brittney?sharetype=teams&member=2012940&rcid=r01-15549979283-0065c1dfc4f04380&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w

Contact Info:
Name: Shawn Haviland
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Organization: Shawn Haviland
Phone: (602)245-6714
Website: https://rafflecreator.com/pages/29221/raffle-for-life

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Name: Shawn Haviland
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Organization: Shawn Haviland