15x15 Project Publishes Massive Update of 1,300 Creative WhatsApp Statuses For Users

15x15 Project has created a new post chronicling the use of WhatsApp’s status bar to share creative messages, inspirational quotes and more with more than 1,300 unique examples.

Philosophy is arguably more alive in the modern age than at any time in history, particularly when It comes to maxims and aphorisms – one liners that seem to encapsulate a great idea for living. These are now used in Twitter account descriptions, Facebook updates and increasingly as a WhatsApp Status. 15x15 Project is a relatively new online resource center dedicated to helping people find the best one liners, jokes, inspirational quotes and epithets to accompany their online profiles. They have just published a massive collection of the ultimate WhatsApp status messages, with more than thirteen hundred different examples for readers to choose from.

The collection features everything from famous quotations from Plato and other classical philosophers to comic interludes like, ‘Never ask for directions from a Starfish’. The huge variety of quotes on offer ensures there is something to encapsulate any mood an individual might be experiencing, while expressing it in the pithiest possible way.

The update is gargantuan in scale, and is just the latest from the site, which has already posted similar articles including the 303 best funny status, 2000+ Hindi Shayari, and statuses with attitude.

A spokesperson for 15x15 Project explained, “We are thrilled to be have been able to put together the most comprehensive resource for WhatsApp status messages available anywhere online. These one liners all fit within WhatsApp’s status limit, and all of them manage to capture an element fo the human condition, often with humor and enthusiasm. All of these are free to use and can be simply copy and pasted into the status bar. We are thrilled with the result and we believe this will be one of our most shareable posts ever, as people are always on the lookout for great quotes they can use on WhatsApp.”

About15x15 Project: 15x15 Project is a website that helps people find the best creative, philosophical and humorous ways to celebrate the things that matter in life through modern means, including WhatsApp, text messaging, Facebook and more. The website is frequently updated by a committed team of writers and researchers who find the best jokes, quotes and ideas on social media and share them for others to benefit from.

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