15 Pros and Cons of the KitchenAid Professional and Artisan Stand Mixers Announced by Trendy Kitchen

KitchenAid Professional vs Artisan Comparison Reveals 15 Critical Differences

“Compared to the KitchenAid Artisan mixer, the KitchenAid Professional 600 series packs more horsepower, a larger mixing capacity, and a range of fancy specs. However, not everybody needs these bigger and better features; deciding between a KitchenAid Professional and an Artisan series mixer can be a hectic task” cautions Ashley Makita, a spokeswoman for Trendy Kitchen.

These 15 Crucial Differences between the KitchenAid Artisan and Professional series was recently published to educate consumers on the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two stand mixers so that consumers can make an educated decision on which model meets their needs best.

The above KitchenAid Artisan vs Professional 600 comparison is unique in that it not only addresses the Pros and Cons of the two models, but it also compares and reviews 14 different specs of the two mixers.

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The above comparison analyzes various features of the two mixers such as (1) wattage of the motors, (2) bowl sizes, (3) capacities for making cookies, bread, and mashed potatoes, (4) mixer-head locking mechanisms, and (5) availability of advanced features like all-steel gear transmission, electronic speed sensors, soft-start feature, commercial-style motor protection etc. The technical specifications of all above features are compared among the KitchenAid Artisan, Professional 600 and the Professional 5-Plus mixers, in an easy to understand, side-by-side table. The comparison doubles as a detailed KitchenAid mixer review allowing consumers to get an accurate idea of the benefits and drawbacks of each mixer.

“The Professional series mixers have more powerful motors and high-end specs like ‘Soft start’ that minimizes splatter; direct drive transmission that is more reliable and durable; and commercial-style motor protection that automatically shuts the mixer off if and when overloading takes place. However, these don’t come cheap” explains Makita. “Nevertheless, heavy residential users and commercial bakers will find the additional features of the Professional 600 extremely useful and worth paying for. The Pro-series mixers are recommended for users that not only bake cakes and cookies, but also knead bread dough, bagel dough and/or pizza dough routinely” Makita emphasizes.

In addition to the KitchenAid Artisan vs Professional 600 comparison, Trendy Kitchen has published several comparisons and reviews on other KitchenAid mixers such as the entry-level Classic Plus, Ultra Power, Artisan, and Artisan Mini stand mixers. These are highly recommended reads for anyone still undecided on which KitchenAid mixer to purchase/gift this holiday season of 2017.

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