14 Day Perfect Booty Review Reveals Breakthrough 20 Second Cellulite Trick For A Firm, Tone Butt

14 Day Perfect Booty training system for women is a new program released by Alli Kerr to help women remove stubborn fat and develop a tone, firm bottom.

The 14 Day Perfect Booty is a newly released workout program by Alli Kerr. This program helps women to obtain a firm, tone bottom by getting rid of stubborn fat and toning dimpled cellulite. Alli Kerr developed the system when she realized that she was consistently receiving the same comments from fitness competition judges—she needed to work on her glutes and thighs.

While getting her degree in Exercise Science, Kerr began an intensive study focusing on the various muscle groups in the body and began testing various exercises. She then began deconstructing each exercise to determine which muscle groups each exercise targeted. Kerr later went on to win the title of Ms. Universe Figure and use the same system to train her own personal clients.

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Surveys suggest that the butt is the #1 area that women have the most concerns regarding their body. Most women report that their buttock is either too flat, making it difficult to find clothes that fit properly, or it is saggy and is out of proportion with the rest of their body.

According to author Alli Kerr it's these problems that make it challenging for women to find properly fitting clothing, but can also lead to self-esteem problems. Sometimes referred to as "Saggy Butt Syndrome", this phenomenon is usually the result of small muscle groups, responsible for providing support to the butt, that do not get enough attention.

In most cases of women who suffer from a flat derriere, the problem is due to the main muscles that comprise the glutes, low back, and upper thigh muscles are either too weak or too tight. Many women experience a combination of muscles that are both too weak and too tight.

Among the most important of these muscles is the Erector Spinae, which is composes of three columns of muscles running parallel to the exterior of the vertebra and extend from the lower part of the skull down to the pelvis and hips. When this muscle group is not activated properly, the muscles in the derriere and the thighs subsequently become dysfunctional, leading to loose, sagging skin; the appearance of cellulite, and flat glutes.

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"The reason that performing lunges and squats do not work to improve the look of a flat derriere is that these exercises do not target the muscle group responsible for changing the curve of the lower spine and lifting the derriere", reports Kerr.

Research has now shown that activating the wrong muscles can actually lead to more struggles with a flat and flabby bottom. Most lower body workouts are designed by men and simply do not work to reshape the female derriere. The problem is that a woman’s hips are wider than those of their male counterpart. Since women have a different shape to their spine than men, this is one area of the body that simply does not respond when training like a man. Yet, most women continue performing lower body workouts that were actually designed for male hips.

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The 14 Day Perfect Booty program comes with a PDF guide which provides women with the exact step by step plan. A video library is also included which provides women with all of the exercises and workouts on video. This allows women to follow along as author Alli Kerr performs each one. In addition a Booty Blast workout video is provided which can be done every week to help with belly fat reduction. The final program is a video which shows women how to utilize specific yoga movements to tighten and tone the butt.

There is no need to join a gym or purchase equipment to follow the system, which can be performed at home and the program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Currently, the 14 Day Perfect Booty System for Women is available at a discount for a limited time to celebrate the launch of the new program.

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