1300Fridge Launches Service Extension Catering to Needs of Locally Owned Businesses

Support for establishments relying on commercial refrigeration systems requires a diversified team of professionals, publishes www.1300fridge.com.au.

Businesses in Osborne Park and the surrounding areas face considerable losses in the event their refrigeration systems fall short of meeting their needs. Though a significant portion of these damages lie in inventory, forfeitures spread far beyond this factor. In light of the potential devastation for establishments bringing stimulus to the local economy, Darren Dwyer of 1300Fridge has launched an extension of the company's services.

Said Dwyer, "Each member of our team has been carefully selected based on experience and specialized skills in the various branches of our field. This means we have the capacity to provide a full range of services to those in our area relying on commercial refrigeration to foster their business and cater to the needs of their customers. We offer design and engineering professionals to create customized solutions for our clients; at the same time, we cover installation, maintenance, fridge repairs and emergency service calls should the need arise."

Restaurants generally keep up to $100,000 of food and beverages on hand at any given time. For grocers and convenience stores, values are comparable though this figure varies by size and typical customer base. While loss of inventory alone in the food service and supply industry could leave businesses in ruin, harm to their reputations stemming from inadequate or malfunctioning refrigeration holds the potential to lead to bankruptcy.

Hospitals, nursing homes and educational facilities fall into this category as well. In addition to food and beverage replacement expenses, the health of those in their care is also at stake. With popular flower and greenery prices hovering around $2 per stem, florists also have a great deal riding on their refrigeration equipment. Damages could range in the thousands should a calamity occur just prior to a peak holiday, wedding or other large-scale event.

Dwyer concluded, "Commercial refrigeration needs span a wide array of establishments. By extending our specialized expertise to our valued locally owned establishments as well as public facilities, we hope to help them grow and continue providing the services on which our community relies. Whether repairing a small refrigerator to lengthen the life of flowers for a neighborhood florist or designing and installing a freezer room for a new restaurant, we are dedicated to providing cost-effective assistance in a timely manner."

About 1300Fridge:

With a staff of expert technicians from varying branches of their industry, 1300Fridge provides commercial refrigeration inspections, maintenance, repairs and installation for businesses in Osborne Park and the surrounding areas.

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