1300Fridge Launches New Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Awareness Drive

Company's new public awareness campaign focuses on significant efficiency and reliability benefits of regular maintenance, 1300Fridge reports

1300Fridge, the area's leading full-service commercial refrigeration expert, launched a new public awareness campaign focusing on the value of regular maintenance for refrigeration systems. With companies throughout the greater Perth area relying on mission-critical refrigeration systems, breakdowns can be costly and disruptive. The new 1300 Fridge campaign will help spread awareness of how regular, effective maintenance can greatly improve the reliability of commercial refrigeration systems, while also lowering operating costs. The company's new campaign will include a number of targeted outreach efforts, along with media availability opportunities.

"We're proud to be recognized as Perth's top commercial refrigeration service," 1300Fridge representative Darren Dweyer said, "Whether that means design, installing, or repairing the systems that so many companies in the area rely on, we focus on delivering the best possible service with every job. We think that our new effort to spread awareness of the importance of regular maintenance is going to prove to be valuable, as we have found this to be a topic that is often overlooked."

Just as almost every residence in Australia is equipped with a refrigerator for keeping food and beverages cold and fresh, many of the country's companies rely on similar devices in the course of their regular business. Naturally enough, commercial refrigeration equipment tends to be designed to handle larger loads and live up to greater demands, since the scales of the duties it is typically entrusted with often dwarf those that are common in the home.

The Australian Department of Environment, for example, reports that there are around 10 million cubic meters of cool-room space in service in the country, with these assets being used for everything from the refrigeration of comestibles to the preservation of biological and pharmaceutical stocks. As is detailed at the 1300Fridge page at http://www.1300fridge.com.au/commercial-refrigeration-equipment/coolroom/, such cool rooms are often designed from the ground up, in fact, to suit very particular goals and purposes.

Even the best-designed system can fail from time to time, though, and these incidents can be costly for companies that suffer them. When a refrigeration system goes down, a race against the clock begins, with responsive, effective repairs of the kind described at http://www.1300fridge.com.au/commercial-refrigeration-services/repairs/ often being what it takes to keep expensive products and supplies from becoming useless.

One proven way of minimizing the likelihood of such events is to keep up with regular maintenance of important refrigeration systems. As with the company's design, installation, and repair services, 1300Fridge experts consistently supply clients with best-in-class maintenance assistance that helps keeps refrigeration systems from breaking down.

In addition, regular maintenance also contributes to greater efficiency and lowered operating costs, with all of these factors combining to produce impressive returns on investment. The just-launched 1300Fridge public awareness campaign will help spread familiarity with these facts and related ones with the goal of benefiting commercial refrigeration system users throughout the Perth area and beyond.

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