1300Fridge Launches Equipment Care Campaign in Support of Perth Food Service Sector

Proper maintenance along with professional inspections and repairs helps thwart financial loss, potential reputation damage, publishes 1300fridge.com.au

According to statistics from the food service industry, restaurants spend between $5,000 and $100,000 on food each month depending on the size and nature of the establishment in question. Much of this sum is allotted to perishable items relying on properly functioning refrigeration systems to keep them marketable. In light of the potential losses resulting from malfunctioning commercial refrigeration appliances among these types of businesses, Darren Dwyer of 1300Fridge has launched a campaign to educate owners and managers of such organizations on the importance of equipment maintenance.

Said Dwyer, "Restaurants, bars, convenience stores, supermarkets and similar businesses have a lot riding on their freezers and refrigerators. Patrons expect premium quality as well as cleanliness from the establishments they frequent, especially when it comes to their food and beverages. Should certain equipment not live up to the public's expectations, those in any branch of the food service industry could lose customers; not to mention, legal action could ensue due to food-borne pathogens. They also have health inspectors to consider, so taking care of their equipment is crucial."

This type of equipment typically comes with a warranty if purchased new, meaning routine maintenance costs are covered by the manufacturer. Accompanying warranty paperwork must be filled out and submitted to the corporation before these obligations will be upheld. In most cases, this must be carried out within 30 days of the purchase date; therefore, time is of the essence.

Such warranties tend to be voided in cases where abuse or failure to carry out proper cleaning is believed to be the primary reason for any malfunction, so paying close attention to use and cleaning instructions provided in the owner's manual is vital. Routinely clearing away debris and grease residue aids in ensuring components continue to operate at full capacity. Some cleaning products are known to damage this type of equipment, thus the manufacturer's suggestions in this regard should be followed.

Experts recommend storing citrus fruits and other acidic items in tightly sealed containers as acids emanating from these foods can damage interior elements. Inspecting commercial refrigeration appliances helps thwart extensive breakdowns as well as the need for costly repairs. Though tightening loose fittings and clearing obstructed drains can be performed during routine cleanings, more in-depth repairs should be completed by professional technicians such as those at 1300fridge.com.au. This guarantees maintenance will be carried out properly and aids in preventing further voiding any warranties in place.

Dwyer concluded, "In addition to learning proper care techniques and teaching these to any employees who will be carrying out these duties, having refrigeration equipment professionally inspected on an annual basis helps catch potential failures before they happen. With an established service contract, these inspections can be scheduled as needed, and service records will be available should the manufacturer have any doubts about covering necessary repairs. Businesses in our area may feel free to contact us via our website, www.1300fridge.com.au, to set up a service contract, schedule an inspection or even request 24/7emergency repairs."

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