13 Fresh Press Release Ideas You Can Use Right Now

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Using a press release to convey important information about your business is an easy way to keep your customers, prospective and current, up-to-date. Well-articulated press releases are ideal for grabbing the attention of your audience as well as news/ media desks.

Press release writing is different from other types of business writing in that it has a particular format and must be about a newsworthy topic. While the task may appear daunting at first, it really isn’t that difficult once you consider the plethora of topics you can explore.

So, what are some press release ideas that you can employ the next time you are writing a PR for your company or business?

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1. New Product or Service Launch

The launch of a new product or service is a natural topic for a press release. Even if a product or service offering isn’t quite new, you can write about a product relaunch, for example, or perhaps you have a new website that’s going live or a redesign of an existing one. You can also write about any product or service updates.


2. Research or Studies Tied to Your Organization

Research and studies are designed to show the audience what they should expect from a product or its benefits/implications. The findings are ideal channels that help you rank better by simply tying the research to your products or services.


3. Awards And Recognitions

Awards are given as recognition for excellence in a certain area or industry. If your company has received an award, let your customers know about this through a release. You can also write about award-giving ceremonies or events that the company is planning to hold. Chipping in a commentary tie-in on an individual receiving an award is a unique way to stand out.


4. Major Milestones or Accomplishments in the Company

Let your audience know about the passage of any milestones for your business. For example, you may publish a new book or e-book or even a newsletter that is worth the attention of your customers. Milestones such as company anniversaries, website anniversaries, partnership anniversaries or even business relocation can be relayed as news. Adding new business locations, filing lawsuits, acquiring new clients, or media appearances are some ideas that you can incorporate.


5. Sponsorship and Charitable Acts/Events

Community-based events that touch on the lives of people are attention-grabbing. Your company may sponsor an event or even a seminar, for example, a go-green workshop. Hosting contests that involve the public, as well as funding scholarships for students in the community, will impact your reputation positively. You may not fully fund a scholarship, but you can be contributing alongside other partners to the same. Let your readers know about this.


6. Hires or Promotions in the Company

Make mention of major hires in your company. You can also shed light on any promotions in the company or the retirement of an employee or any senior member of the executive body. If a top employee resigns, retires or there is death in the company, take time to let your customers know about these changes.


7. Product or Service Changes

Companies are always adjusting the way they do things. If your company has recently made changes to the manufacturing process of any of its products, that’s news your customers would be interested in knowing. If there are any changes in the processing line or advancements in technology, it is a good call to share the same with your readers. Updates on major changes in the company image, the current branding, and the introduction of a new brand ensures that your customers know what to expect in the stores.

Don’t forget to highlight logo changes in the press release and make sure that you follow a model press release format. Additional or new uses for products that are already in the market will help your customers utilize the product more efficiently thanks to the new information.

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8. Sales, Freebies and Other Events

If your company is planning a holiday-related sale or a holiday-related event, announce it through a press release. Free product samples, reward programs and referral programs are newsworthy pieces that you can write about. Free consultation camps and any other services that are a plus to what you normally offer will capture freebie-lovers.


9. Accomplishing Major Goals

Companies set yearly goals or quarterly goals in terms of sales or expected revenues. You can issue a press release annually that lets your customers and business partners know where your business stands on meeting the goals you set for it.


10. Talks, Webinars and Conferences

Is the company CEO speaking at a major event? Do you have a schedule of upcoming speaking engagements? Do you plan on hosting a conference? Are you planning on hosting a talk on how your company is going green? These are vital pieces that you can share in a press release. You can also let the public know about your services by hosting webinars or talks disproving common myths in your industry and so much more.


11. Internal Shifts in the Company

A press release on taking your company public, taking a public company back to a private company, transferring ownership of a public company, reorganization of a public company, initial public offering and timelines to go public should not be ignored when considering ideas about the next news release.


12. Patents, Participations or Stock Offers

Inform your public about any filing for a patent or even receiving or being awarded the patent from relevant authorities/bodies. Customers would also be interested in knowing about the company’s participation in trade shows through exhibitions. Use press releases to announce stock offerings to the public.


13. Bonus Idea: Write Tips Sheets For Your Readers

Tips are guidelines on how to do simple activities at home or even at work, for example, Tips on How to Go Green at Home.

There you have it: 13 awesome ideas that you can use right now to craft an outstanding press release about your company. But it doesn’t stop there. These are only a fraction of the topics you could cover; with a little creativity, there is no limit to what you could come up with.

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