123tourdulichnhatrang.vn Introduces All-New Tour Of Bird Nest - Hon Noi Island

A tour to Bird Nest Island – Hon Noi, introduced for the first time by 123tourdulichnhatrang.vn. It is one of its kind as no other tours are giving this unique experience for their guests.

123tourdulichnhatrang.vn which conducts tours of the islands in the Nha Trang City, Vietnam. They introduce the tour of bird Nest in the Hon Noi Island for the first time.

Any island with bird nest is called the Bird Nest Island. Hence the Hon Noi Island is an Island with a lot of bird nest that is an attraction for the tourists. In Nha Trang there are 9 different island with the bird nest. Two out of them contains the most number of the nest. They are the hon Noi Island and the Hon Ngoai. But, recently Hoi Noi Island has become more popular with the tourist. It is because this island has a double beach where the water is divided into two parts with a small hill of white sand in between them.

Hoi Noi island is situated about 26km in the south of CAU Da port. Hoi Noi Island belongs to the management of the Sanest Khanh Hoa Company. Hence the only way to visit this island is through a tour booking as an individual visit is prohibited.

Nha Trang takes care of the travel and tour of this island, and they advise to travel in March to September. As in other months, there is heavy rainfall and the rise in the water level and big waves, which can be a risk to the tourist. Tourist can reach the Hon Noi island by air, train, car or bike. Then they can join the tour to the Hoi Noi Island. It takes almost 1 hour to reach the island from the Cau Da Port. Then the people are divided into groups of at least 25 guests.

123tourdulichnhatrang.vn covers the places of Du Ha Peak. Bird Neat Cave. They also offer the activities of Sea Bathing and sea diving. They also accommodate the visit to the Hon Ngoai Island, which is just minutes away in a boat. These islands are very famous for their photographic environment. The trip is very affordable and safe to enjoy with family and children. In this context, the spokesperson of the Nha Trang stated, “The bird nest island is a new fact of nature that has to capture the peoples’ attention. We want to make the people enjoy the natural beauty of our land and in the same time conserve the nature of Hoi Noi island. Hope people like our endeavour.” Nha Trang also follows a time table with details of all events that they cover for the convenience of the tourists.

But the 123tourdulichnhatrang.vn not only caters to the enjoyment of the tourist but Nha tour also looks after the environment by laying some guidelines for the tourist as not to pollute the water and the island. Hence, upholding their motto, of conserving the nature of the world.

About the Company
123tourdulichnhatrang.vn is an independent touring company that organises tours. They are specialised in organising tours to the off-beat locations with lots of fun activities for the tourists. They are also partnered with some of the big tour companies. Although they strive to make the travelling and holiday experiences of tourist better, but their motto is to preserve the nature and its flora fauna, to the conserve the environment.

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