123Swap one of the fastest growing decentralised finance ecosystem

123Swap is a platform for decentralised finance and it aims to provide transparent and convenient exchanges of cryptocurrency to users all over the world.

123Swap is a decentralised finance ecosystem that is growing at a fast speed with the addition of 1 new blockchain every week. The platform aims to provide easy to access, transparent and convenient exchanges of cryptocurrency to users all around the world while generating the lowest possible slippage. The 123swap protocol operates on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Avalanche blockchains and it is looking to expand further and make it closer to achieving the goals of delivering a one window platform for all block chains.

123swap platform offer a range of decentralised finance solutions across multiple chains in blockchain assets such as swapping, staking, yield farming and NFT minting. The 123 swap ecosystem consists of 123swap, 123nft, 123yield, 123bridge and 123gov. 123swap built on Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Polychain, Ethereum and other ecosystems helps to make every blockchain token swap possible showing the arbitrage possibilities.

123nft helps users to facilitate and support the sale and purchase of digital art through NFT tokens. Users can take advantage of this to unlock new revenue streams as well as easily mint and their NFT tokens over the platform. 123yield allows users to participate in staking and help to earn extra rewards directly on this platform. Users are able to stake 123 tokens to earn many cross chain assets.

123bridge helps users with the fully integrated API to manage multi-chain assets such as BTC, BSC, ETH or any other major blockchain. 123gov means that 123swap token holders are able to enjoy full control and ownership over this platform. “Through the usage of governance tokens which are the cryptocurrencies that represent voting power on a blockchain project, users are able to influence the direction and characteristics of a protocol” said a spokesperson for the 123Swap team.

Users can expect to swap and earn yield rewards through staking in Polychain, Cardano Testnet and Ethereum Mainnet in the fourth quarter of 2021. The first version of 123bridge will also be released in the fourth quarter. “Users can expect to earn rewards through bounty programs,just by promoting 123swap platform and this will be launched soon” says a team member of the 123Swap team.

About 123Swap

The team at 123swap consists of various industry leaders and global representatives who have a broad experience encompassing fintech, artificial intelligence, blockchain, marketing and business development industries. The aim of the team is to simplify the management of crypto-assets as well as expanding the use of cryptocurrencies for purchase and payments all across the business world.

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Organization: 123swap
Website: https://123swap.finance/

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