123swap Finance Aggregates Functions Of All Popular DEX & Defi Platforms; Announces Public Sale Next Month

123swap finance, a newcomer but a game-changer in the industry, aggregates all Defi assets, liquidity pools, and saving deposits in one dashboard so that traders can easily compare and choose the best option.

123swap finance is proving to be an innovative and game-changing platform in the industry as it launches a platform that aggregates functions of all the popular DEX and Defi platforms such as Pancake Swap, YFI, Curve, Uniswap, Mooniswap, Balancer, Dodo, Bancor, Mstable, and many more, to create an all-in-one platform. The 123swap public token sale is happening next month, allowing anyone to buy and sell the token. The lock duration and vesting is 50% unlocked followed by a 1-month vesting.

Tomas Ambrazas, Co-founder & CEO at 123swap, says the platform aggregates all Defi assets, liquidity pools, and saving deposits in one dashboard so that traders can easily compare and choose the best option.

It takes care of the following areas, enabling its users to perform several functions on a single platform:
- All Defi instruments in one dashboard
- Portfolio Management
- Liquidity Pools
- DEX & SWAP Aggregator
- Lending & Borrowing
- Cross-Chain Asset Swap
- Best yield strategies in one place

"Most of the decentralised finance aggregators prefer to carry only ERC20 or BSC tokens, while the other multi-chain aggregators are custodial and not decentralised. The manual process of swaps is old school and time-consuming. That's what 123swap finance aims to address," explains Tomas.

Tomas says the 123swap platform will automate and fasten the swap process by leveraging smart contracts. The platform will promote decentralised finance management using its smart contracts. Its leading solutions include Simple & User-friendly interfaces, Unchanged Rates during Transactions, No Hidden Fees, Variety of Assets, Security, and Cross-chain one window platform.

"Through its cross-chain smart contracts, it will bring smart and autonomous finance management in one place. 123swap has invented certain technologies that will help the platform beat the competition, become faster, and become the world's best swap platform," adds Tomas.

Tomas says 123swap holds a long-term vision to build only one swap for traders' needs. Hence, the tokens of the team have been locked for 2 to 3.5 years.

Users are not required to have an account, and therefore, their identity remains anonymous. Hence, users can trade Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain-based tokens, Ethereum-based tokens, and other chains tokens without the need to provide any personal data.

123swap also keeps the private data of the users/traders safe. The atomic swaps enable direct and risk-free trade with partners, eliminating the need for costly exchange services that are preferred targets for hackers.

To support the 123swap ecosystem of financial products, it uses Binance Smart Chain – a Substrate-based blockchain that is highly secured and scalable.

The 123swap finance core team consists of various industry leaders and global representatives with broad experience encompassing Fintech, AI, Blockchain, Marketing, and Business Development industries.

The platform aims to expand the team further by incorporating more than 100 global representatives across verticals and making 123swap the leading decentralised exchange platform.

123swap finance works with a security consulting company that specialises in information security incident management for government institutions (ensuring regulatory compliance). The company is compliant with different legal acts governing information security, security standards, such as SoX, PCI, DSS, etc.

Those who want to learn more about 123swap finance may visit its website for more information.

Contact Info:
Name: Tomas Ambrazas
Email: Send Email
Organization: 123swap
Address: Lithuania
Website: https://123swap.finance/

Release ID: 89050163