12-Step Programs Lose Validity, Chapters Capistrano Offers Addiction Recovery Alternatives

New criticism of the 12-step program from Dr. Lance Dodes is encouraging alternative forms of addiction recovery, such as those offered by Chapters Capistrano.

In the alcoholism and drug addiction circles, recovery has often hinged on the infamous 12-step program; a systematic structure that has become popular among sobriety support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. However, Chapters Capistrano and many other addiction recovery programs have noted that these types of programs may not work for everyone—especially those who are not inclined to following addiction recovery founded on Christian-based concepts.

Now, a new book The Sober Truth by Dr. Lance Dodes strives to uncover the many pitfalls that individuals experience through traditional, often court-ordered, 12-step programs. A recent report from NPR explores how this new publication threatens the reliance on a historic program and may actually encourage more people to seek out alternative forms of addiction recovery for improved results.

Citing the evidence provided through Dodes' research, the NPR article reveals, “There is a large body of evidence now looking at AA success rate, and the success rate of AA is between [five] and 10 percent. Most people don't seem to know that because it's not widely publicized. ... There are some studies that have claimed to show scientifically that AA is useful. These studies are riddled with scientific errors and they say no more than what we knew to begin with, which is that AA has probably the worst success rate in all of medicine.”

Some people may respond well to 12-step plans; however, Chapters Capistrano is one facility that focuses on delivering flexible treatment options to its guests. Mike Shea, owner of this Southern California drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, states, “No addiction is the same for every individual; this is why structured programs, such as the 12-step modality, can often result in relapse for participants. We offer flexible treatment that includes both non-12-step and 12-step solutions. This breadth of treatment allows our guests to seek the recovery plan that works for them.”

While The Sober Truth may help raise awareness about the effectiveness of this popular addiction recovery system, Chapters Capistrano believes there is still much progress to be made to change the way people understand the journey toward sobriety.

Individuals who must participate in 12-step programs as a result of a court-mandated order may find that the system was not effective for a myriad of reasons, notes Shea. While relapse is high among those who have followed the 12-step program, as suggested by Dr. Dodes, those at Chapters Capistrano believe those who fall back into addiction must not blame themselves, but perhaps the selected method of recovery.

“It is important for those who have tried the 12-step method and failed to consider how treatment played a part in their overall recovery. Factors ranging from religious belief to the type of addiction can impact the effectiveness of an addiction recovery program. At Chapters Capistrano we aim to analyze these factors to deliver flexible treatment options to those struggling with addiction,” Shea concludes.


Chapters Capistrano is a comprehensive addiction recovery treatment center located along the beautiful, refreshing coast of Southern California. Specializing in all types of substance abuse, Chapters offers flexible treatment programs that are designed to offer greater confidence in addiction recovery. With a thorough approach to detox, counseling and mental health, this center has delivered many success stories. In addition to offering alternative approaches to conventional recovery, Chapters is also recognized for providing guest comfort with exceptional accommodations, private rooms and cell and laptop allowance. Those searching to begin a new “Chapter” in addiction recovery are encouraged to contact Chapters Capistrano today at 1-888-340-4394 or 1-888-340-4394.


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