10bet announce new betting calculator

The brand new tool will assist bettors by helping them to understand a growing number of options that are often complicated in order to work out the potential earnings of a wager depending on the odds, the stake and the type of bet.

As more and more options become available to bettors, calculating potential earnings is an increasingly complex task. The original stake, the odds available and the type of bet are all variables that must be taken into consideration and companies now include alternatives such as each way, rule four and complex accumulators.

Customers can benefit from using a bet calculator ensuring accuracy and simplicity. This type of tool allows for working out the potential earnings of a wager depending on the odds, the stake and the type of bet made.

Every detail that will factor into the result can be entered and the newly-launched 10bet Bet Calculator will instantly state potential winnings and profit. All bet types and odds formats are available, empowering bettors to make their own decisions regarding whether or not a particular wager is worth the risk.

The returns for every type of wager offered by 10bet can be worked out by the new Bet Calculator, simply by selecting the correct option from the comprehensive list that appears when the bettor fills out the form.

It is very user-friendly. The calculator is completely free to use an unlimited number of times without paying any fees. It is also fully automated, avoiding any human error in working out returns.

One of the most common bet types is a football accumulator, as placing a small bet on a number of matches with the aim of winning a larger amount by correctly predicting each result.

The appeal of big winning from a minor stake is hugely tempting, but building the right bet can be tricky as there are lots of different odds to assess.

The Bet Calculator from 10bet makes the bettor more informed as they go along, inputting each selection being considered before the potential winnings are instantly presented.

With that information so readily at hand, the bettor can quickly weigh up if they are happy with the bet, or if they want to add or remove selections to tweak the bet by weighing up the pros and cons of picking the most difficult matches in a certain way.

10bet are a company with over 16 years of experience with a bettor-focused sports and casino site which covers over 60 sports. Their markets include everything from the Champions League to the Championship, NFL to NBA, greyhounds to horses and volleyball to virtual sports.

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