10 Pros and 5 Cons of KitchenAid Professional and Artisan Stand Mixers Announced by Trendy Kitchen

Trendy Kitchen Reveals 15 Critical Specs of KitchenAid Artisan and Professional 600 Mixers

“Everybody knows that the KitchenAid Professional 600 is bigger and better than the KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer. However, many are unaware of the exact differences and whether they need those bigger and better features or not. Deciding between the KitchenAid Professional series and the Artisan series can be a daunting task” cautions Ashley Makita, a spokesperson for Trendy Kitchen.

These 10 PROS and 5 CONS of the KitchenAid Professional Series were recently announced by Trendy Kitchen to educate consumers on the benefits and drawbacks of the KitchenAid Professional 600 mixer in comparison to the KitchenAid Artisan so that consumers can make an educated purchasing decision.

Visit http://Trendy-Kitchen.com/Kitchenaid-Artisan-vs-Professional-Mixer-Comparison/ to understand the importance of these 15 CRITICAL features of the Artisan and Professional Mixers.

On the above review, Trendy Kitchen compares and contrasts 14 features of the two mixers including (1) capacity of the motors in watts, (2) bowl size in quarts, (3) quantities of cookies, bread, and mashed potatoes they can handle, (4) tilt-head versus bowl-lift mechanisms, and (5) the nitty-gritty of advanced features like all-steel gear transmission, soft-start feature that minimizes splatter, electronic speed sensors, and commercial-style motor protection. They compare these features on the KitchenAid Artisan, Professional 5-Plus and the Professional 600 mixers on an easy to understand side-by-side table. The comparison goes on to describe each of these features in detail and therefore doubles as a KitchenAid Professional 600 review.

“The KitchenAid Professional series mixers are equipped with not only more horsepower, but also several cutting-edge features like (1) a direct drive transmission gear system that is more durable, (2) a ‘Soft start’ feature that minimizes flour splatter and (3) a commercial-style motor protection that would automatically shut itself off should it get overloaded” explains Makita. “The additional features of the Pro-600 obviously come at an extra cost which the average residential user may not be able to justify. In contrast, heavy residential users and commercial bakers will find the investment worthwhile. Pro-series mixers like the Professional 600, Professional 5 Plus, and Professional 6000 HD are best suited for users that not only bake cakes and cookies, but also knead bread, bagel, and pizza dough on a regular basis” Makita elaborates.

According to the above KitchenAid mixer comparison, the Professional series mixers are not without drawbacks. “The Pro-600, at 16 ½ inches, is approximately 3 inches taller than the Artisan. This extra height makes it impossible for the Pro-600 to be operated on kitchen countertops having less than 17” of height under the hanging cupboards. Further, they have better looking burnished metal beaters and dough hooks which unfortunately can get discolored in the dishwasher. 2018 Black Friday and Cyber Monday KitchenAid mixer deal hunters should be aware of both Pros and Cons of these stand mixers before they make a purchase” Makita warns.

In addition to providing detailed KitchenAid Professional and Artisan reviews, they also compare the KitchenAid Classic series mixers with the Artisan. Furthermore, for the holiday shoppers, they have a section dedicated for 2018 Cyber Monday and Black Friday KitchenAid deals that summarizes all the special offers by various retailers both online and in-store.

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