007 Announces Listing on UniswapV2

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007 tokens will be listed on the Uniswap-V2 decentralized exchange at 13:00 UTC on September 2nd.

007, a brand new digital asset trading platform integrates the advantages of centralization and decentralization where its trading system adopts the world's leading memory matching technology, and orders are processed at a high speed without any delays and stalls, ensuring high-speed and stable transactions.

The 007 plan began in the United States and Europe, and gradually applied blockchain traceability technology to various countries around the world.

007 will provide traceability services for global enterprises through blockchain technology, confirm rights for stakeholders, establish trust for enterprises, and establish a wide range of blockchain technology application scenarios.

007 tokens will be listed on the Uniswap-V2 decentralized exchange at 13:00 UTC on September 2nd. The initial price is 0.007 USDT. Contract address: 0xfb73e6a0d0afa74976520920f8318a163072b7d1.

007 tokens are blockchain digital assets developed by the 007 trading platform based on the Ethereum public chain. The name is also 007, and the total issuance is constant at 700 million. It is an ERC 20 standard digital token based on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition to serving individual users, 007 tokens will also become a carrier and link for service companies.

On the other hand, the digital asset trading platform will support all tokens derived from the three public chains of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and TRON.

It is reported that the platform will give priority to provide support for mainstream cryptocurrencies in the initial stage of its launch, and then gradually launch other high-quality assets.

For 007's currency holders, the benefits are being rewarded with a constant amount of 10% by the project party. When the second exchange is launched, the project party will award another 10% based on the current proportion of token holders. There will be a 10% reward once online on an exchange, and so on, until the distribution is completed.

This welfare policy can be described as "pie in the sky" for the first batch of currency holders in the early stage of the launch, while for the currency holders who enter later, the benefits are relatively small.

For more detailed content and information on 007’s listing, visit https://007x.org.

About 007

007 is a safe and high-quality digital asset trading platform with a vision to provide the public with a new investment option, inject new technological productivity into the vast real economy, help the development of blockchain technology, and promote blockchain applications to serve the social and commercial development. The trading platform adopts an advanced multi-cluster system architecture, which greatly improves the security, stability and scalability of the system, and guarantees the operating experience of end users.

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