0-6 Pack Abs - A Complete Set of Abs Training with Successful Results

The ‘0-6 Pack Abs, the Evolution of Core Training’ Release: The smartest system of core activation exercises for a smarter body.

The ‘0-6 Pack Abs, the Evolution of Core Training’ is a simple and easy training manual that is meant to get multiple of results i.e. 6 packs abs, flat belly, a slim waistline and a toned body taking only 23 minutes of the time of the day.

The ‘0-6 Pack Abs, the Evolution of Core Training’ is comprehensive in nature and does not require any further costs involved in buying expensive machines and equipment. It brings about successful results by a simple 23 minutes workout program. This system is equally applicable for both men and women irrespective of their age.

The ‘0-6 Pack Abs, the Evolution of Core Training’ has been formulated by Tyler and Dr. Vegher on the basis of a new research study in the field of Activation Sequences and Micro Progression Technology which when applied in certain ways brings a flatter belly, shrunken waistline, 6-pack abs and a smarter, toned body. They are in the simplest of forms and take minimal of time, as the Core Activation Sequence takes about 10-15 minutes of the day and the Micro Progression Workouts only takes about 2-8 minutes to complete.

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Introducing Tyler, he is a highly sought after Personal Trainer who runs a popular fitness website, is a creator of 3 highly acclaimed fitness programs and has been able to successfully transform the out-of-shape bodies of over 12,576 people. Tyler and Dr. James Vegher met by chance and at that time Tyler inquired about why people can’t have a perfectly shaped figure with all the routine exercises and workouts. Dr. James Vegher, who is known as a brilliant Doctor of Physical Therapy with nearly 20 years of experience, where he has specialized in the field of Neurologic Rehabilitation.

Dr. Vegher has developed a series of unconventional ab exercises that completely re-educates the muscles of the core. He used Elite European Movement Research to activate the core muscles by means of using his unique series of ab exercises that are in the simplest of forms. He pointed Tyler towards a pile of NEW research being done in Europe that proves, the core (i.e. all the muscles of the midsection) are at the foundation of every movement that one makes. He told Tyler about two most common mistakes people usually make.

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First is that they don’t usually work out the core properly, in particular. And if they aren’t worked properly, then it doesn’t matter how many ab exercises one does, he or she won’t be able to bring out the desired and idealistic results. Second mistake that Dr. Vegher pointed out was that people usually takes up wrong exercises. Reason being the same, the core isn’t getting proper workout as it requires to. On the basis of these research-backed discoveries, Dr. Vegher has led out a totally different approach to exercises.

He developed some different exercises and routines that are targeted for that perfected idealistic figure everyone dreams of! The most thrilling part about this is that they are very simple and easy-to-do and are based on a 23 minute workout system that brings drastic changes in the shape of the body. Upon further survey, Tyler found that Dr. Vegher’s clients were not only shrinking their waistlines, but also fixing their back and neck pains, relieving digestive issues, toning their core muscles, improving their postures, eliminating achy hips and shoulders and even building 6-pack abs!

The ‘0-6 Abs, the Evolution of Core Training’ is a nature-oriented system that gives out the ways and means to a slimmer and a smarter body. It comes with absolutely no risk as well as no side-effects involved. It has workout systems in primal and basic exercise forms that are in a specified sequence and if they are done properly, the very exact core will be reactivated and desired results can be achieved without any doubt. The basic Core Activation moves goes from core activation to core stabilization. These basic moves are the key to activating the cores. Tyler and Dr. Vegher are confident that this training manual leads to that ideal body everyone dreams of. They ensure that it is the most comprehensive program ever invented, with most easy and simple to use methods and makes one’s life easier and healthy.

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This program consists of quick start video guide, the exercise video library, level 1, 2, 3 and 4 manual video and an mp3. Tyler and Dr. Vegher ensure that by the end of this workout, a deep sense of connection to the core and activated abs can be felt. This is probably the first time that these exercise sequence have been made available to public with 100% results guaranteed.

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