ZRO against the tide, let all things grow freely

ZRO will explore ways to open the boundaries of the organization, inspire and attract more and more members to participate in it, efficiently cooperate and form a resultant force.

The development and evolution of bitcoin, let the world see a group of ordinary people can do an extraordinary cause of the underlying logic, let the world see the organization industry evergreen, the possibility of crossing discontinuity.
And ZRO platform is a brand new blockchain ecological platform developed by a group of young people with superb Internet technology inspired by this possibility.

ZRO will explore ways to open the boundaries of the organization, inspire and attract more and more members to participate in it, efficiently cooperate and form a resultant force. Building a benign development of the ecological circle, can continue to iterate forward, self-evolution, through the continuous introduction of "negative entropy" to solve the second law of thermodynamics "entropy death" problem, become a truly decentralized intelligent evolutionary ecology, with a strong anti-vulnerability, in the process of continuous evolution, constantly break cocoon into butterflies, until eternity.

ZRO believe that no matter how the world evolves, the main theme of "trust is rigid demand, consensus is the cornerstone, cooperation is the driving force" will not change. As a blockchain infrastructure capable of supporting massive applications and users, ZRO provides a convenient, friendly, efficient and secure development and deployment environment for large-scale commercial applications, allowing everything to be easily linked, creating a new, distributed business ecosystem that links everything and collaborates with the world, linking and driving the world with trust.

And the realization of the above vision, need the joint support of each ZRO user. Faith is priceless, but faith itself is not attractive enough. We should not only create a fair and just environment, but also show the general public with iron facts, what absolute fairness and justice can bring to them. Therefore, in order to realize ZRO vision, it is necessary to provide users with continuous and profitable mechanism, so that they can participate in the construction of ZRO business network spontaneously.

From the point of view of the basic logic of financial markets, ZRO think that the price of any commodity is proportional to the cash flow flowing into the market, and inversely proportional to the total number of transactions that the market can trade at that time. As a result, as long as the fission cycle of the platform can be opened, it can inject huge cash flow into the platform, realize the expansion of the platform scale and the continuous benefit of users; at the same time, to further enhance the enthusiasm of users to participate, ZRO will also set up a rigorous mechanism to give additional rewards to users who make outstanding contributions to the platform development, especially the participants of light nodes and super nodes, so as to fully demonstrate the fairness and fairness of the platform.

Zorro hope that we can achieve true fairness, justice and openness in all economic activities by fully digitalizing all economic and social things on the chain, digital confirming rights, digital trading and investment, distributed storage based on blockchain technology, and information non-tampering, and put an end to any unreasonable exploitation and unreasonable deprivation of personal value. Let us work together to create a new ecological environment without room for malpractice! Let everyone enjoy freedom of wealth, freedom of creation, freedom of value and freedom of thought.

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