Zon.Tools Releases Latest Lineup of Amazon Advertising Tools

Providing resources to help Amazon vendors manage their advertising campaigns aids in maximizing visibility and revenue, publishes zon.tools

Amazon recently marked its twenty-fifth anniversary in catering to consumers in the continually growing ecommerce realm. Since its launch, the company has expanded to offer more than 350 million products and services. After introducing its Advertising Partner Program, the potential benefits of selling through this international marketplace reached new heights for merchants. In effort to help sellers maximize the potential of this opportunity, Stefano Starkel of Zon.Tools (https://www.zon.tools) has released its latest lineup of PPC advertising tools.

"Amazon is highly selective when choosing its advertising partners," said Starkel, "and only those capable of passing its strict requirements and offering true value to the company's vendors make the cut. We were deemed an Amazon Advertising Partner due to our strengths in our field, and this creates opportunities for us as well as our clients. Amazon provides a wide range of resources to help us further develop our services and offerings, and we pass the benefits along to merchants who bring their advertising needs to us. Our new lineup of advertising tools is the latest result of this mutually advantageous symbiotic relationship."

Among the options available through Zon.Tools is its KeyWord Miner, an engine designed to seek out keywords with high conversion rates and add them to a company's list of relevant search terms. The company's KeyWord Guardian pauses ads containing certain keywords when their effectiveness dwindles while its KeyWord Recycler searches for paused keywords that are regaining popularity and high conversion rates and adds them back into existing advertising campaigns.

Additionally, Zon.Tools offers its Auto-Mate 3.0 engine, which automatically calculates and adjusts bids on specific ads to help maintain cost-of-spending goals. The company's Bid Gambler monitors advertising bids that are too low and ramps up bidding until those ads begin to generate more impressions and conversions. The Bid Nailer works toward much the same goals while acclimating to clients' specific advertising strategies.

Concluded Starkel, "These are only a few of the proprietary algorithmic engines we've made available to our clients. Our team has created a long list of keyword research tools and advertising resources to help Amazon sellers ramp up their sales and manage their PPC campaigns. We encourage anyone interested in improving their visibility and increasing their revenue on Amazon to contact us to learn more about how we can help."

About Zon.Tools:

Founded in 2017, Zon.Tools is a leading Amazon Advertising Optimization Platform geared toward helping retailers, brands and agencies grow their revenue and increase their profitability on Amazon. Using proprietary algorithms in a simple SaaS interface, the company combines best-in-class technology with deep domain expertise in selling on Amazon to benefit its clients to the fullest extent.

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