ZOE Strollers Debuts Revolutionary XL3 Triple Stroller

Following the positive reception of their XL2, stroller brand ZOE Strollers prepares to release their XL3 Triple Stroller. Lightweight, compact, and high-quality, the XL3 aims to make the challenge of transporting three kids at once easier than ever.

ZOE Strollers has announced the launch of their brand-new stroller. The ZOE XL3 BEST v2 Triple Stroller is set to release on September 18th. Following the widespread acclaim and positive reception of their previous products, ZOE is opening the XL3 BEST v2 Triple Stroller to pre-orders in the week leading up to the launch.

Built with a family’s needs in mind
The XL3 Best v2 is designed to be light-weight, compact, and easy-to-use, offering parents with twins or triplets the convenience of being able to transport all the kids without the bulk or hassle of a more conventional stroller. It weighs only 25 lbs but is made with a sturdy, high-grade aluminum frame meaning that it’s not fragile just because it’s light, with a carrying capacity of over 18kgs. The XL3 Best V2 comes in two components: a full sized-double stroller that can be used independently and a Triple Attachment Seat that can be easily connected to the front as and when it’s needed.

Designed for the parents as well as the kids, the XL3 Best v2 is fully optimized to allow for tall handles and extra kick space so whoever’s doing the walking can use it comfortably, with convenient storage pockets to make the best use of the high weight-limit. As compact as it may be, the deep and wide padded seats, paired with a wide integrated footrest means that kids won’t be cooped up inside.

All the bells and whistles
ZOE Stroller’s products have been received very warmly, with a surplus of positive reviews from all kinds of mothers, fathers, and caregivers. Many of the features much praised in their products make a return such as a quick compact fold feature, meaning it takes up very little space when not in use. This is even further complemented by the self-locking and standing features, as well as the optional travel backpack that can ensure that transporting the stroller is always easy, regardless of where you are.

The XL3 Best v2 comes with a range of accessories included as standard. Cup and snack holders for parent and child alike, double belly bars, removable and padded strap covers, and a 4-panel DELUXE canopy set are included with no extra cost. Other optional accessories like a rain and snow cover, parent console, and shoulder carry strap are also sold alongside each stroller.

About ZOE Strollers
“We’re real parents with real kids and we buy baby products all the time and have been for seven years or more. So, we know what we love and hate about certain baby products. We develop all of our products at ZOE with our real needs, our true needs, in mind.” – Robert MacKelfresh, Owner and “Dad” at ZOE Strollers

Launched in 2015, ZOE is an entirely independent, family-owned and family-run business. Headed by Robert MacKelfresh, the seven owners of the company are the dad, mom, grandpa, and four kids of the family. The team brings with it sixty years of combined experience in the juvenile products industry, assisted by expertise in fashion merchandising. Because ZOE sells its own products in its own storefront, customers can avoid the markup that other online and big box stores add to their products. To find out more about the company and the XL3 Best v2 Triple Stroller before its September 18th launch, visit the ZOE website.

Please redirect all press enquiries to Robert MacKelfresh, owner of ZOE Strollers, at their Charlotte office.. He can be reached on 866-701-1720 or at 13900 Conlan Circle Suite 110 Charlotte, NC 28277. All email enquiries can be sent directly to info@zoestrollers.com . For more information, please visit https://www.zoestrollers.com.

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