Zipper Shipper Announces Launch of New Website

Zipper Shipper helps people find the sewing supplies they need quickly and easily.

A broken zipper used to be a death sentence for a jacket—finding supplies to fix it was often more trouble than just replacing the whole coat. The internet has given us many gifts, but few are as precious as Zipper Shipper. The Santa Monica –based ONLINE zipper-supply store sends zippers, buttons, and other sewing supplies tailors and sewing enthusiasts need to deconstruct, fix, and assemble clothing. And now the company has adopted a new look and developed global shipping options to extend their support to the textile industry.

Zipper Shipper stocks invisible zippers, nylon coil zippers, antique brass zippers, and much more. Whether you are simply a sewing hobbyist or the owner of a million-dollar textile business, Zipper Shipper can fulfill your order. The company has excellent turnaround times; depending on the order’s size, it can be there in as little as a week! The expansive selection of zippers offered can be purchased in bulk or as singles. Custom orders are available, too—as are wholesale prices, which means companies can take full advantage of Zipper Shipper’s stock.

Customers can shop for zippers by color, length, style, and use. They stock not only clothing zippers—but they also stock larger zippers for camping tents and such. Zipper Shipper is working to become the destination supplies source for tailors across the country. Their service takes the guesswork out of finding the right zipper for your piece; they will answer any questions that may arise. Finding the right zipper has never been easier… Zipper Shipper keeps it that way.

About Zipper Shipper: We are excited to offer tailors and textile companies the supplies they need at Zipper Shipper. We provide a vast selection of zippers of all styles and colors in the desired quantities with excellent turnaround times. We offer wholesale prices and customized orders, and we ensure you are always satisfied. Our professionals are glad to assist you in finding the type of zipper you may need, and we offer plenty of options. There is no need to spend tons of money replacing that jacket you love; we are here to help you fix it in a jiffy.

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Name: Laura Goodman Mitchell
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Organization: Zipper Shipper Sewing Supplies
Address: Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: (818) 659-6053

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