Zipbizcards LLC Launches a New Business Card Mobile App for iOS

Individuals and companies find they can share contact information and communicate their brand message easily with the help of cards they have created and printed on their own, reports

Business cards serve many purposes. In addition to sharing contact information for an individual or company, these business cards allow a brand to share their message with others and build the brand. However, in order to achieve the desired goals, the card must be memorable and unique. Many business owners now wish to design and print their own cards to ensure the job is done right, and the Zipbizcards app makes it easy to do so.

"Are you looking for a quick and easy way to print your own business cards at home or your place of business? Well, look no further. Introducing the Zipbizcards app. The Zipbizcards app provides users the tools to design and print their own business cards", the staff at Zipbizcards LLC explains.

A simplistic design is beneficial, as it allows the recipient to obtain the necessary information without being distracted by other visual elements. However, it needs to contain essential branding elements, such as the company's color scheme, symbol, and/or logo. This helps the recipient remember the information and the company the card belongs to. Leave plenty of blank space around these elements to maintain the simplistic design of the card.

"To create these cards, users simply launch the app to begin designing their own customized business cards. Users can choose between information fields that they wish to include such as name, occupation, number, email address, or company name and address. Users can also upload a custom logo or image, or background image for their cards," the staff continues.

Keep in mind that visually appealing content draws more individuals. In fact, 38 percent of people state they like this type of marketing material. Companies are taking note of this and are working hard to provide this visually appealing content. The goal for many is to make certain the business card follows along these same lines so as to attract the attention it deserves. as the cards can be designed and printed at home or the office, a person can try multiple designs until they find the one that is perfect for their needs.

"Gone are the days of online design and ordering and waiting around for your order to arrive. Quickly, easily and efficiently make your own custom business cards that will help you stand out from your competition. Get started today by downloading the Zipbizcards App!", the Zipbizcards App staff states.

About Zipbizcards App:

A mobile app for iOS, Zipbizcards App allows users to print business cards at home or work quickly and easily.

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