ZenZone Announces Mental Health Initiative with New Free Usage Program to Combat Internet Addiction

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ZenZone, an app at the forefront of promoting productivity and mental wellness, today reinforces its commitment to help solve the youth mental health crisis symbolized by the lawsuits filed by 41 U.S. states against major social media companies.

To support the battle against social media addiction, ZenZone is now offering two years of free app usage, normally costing USD 24 per person.

Featured in major news media like CNN, ABS CBN news and Shanghai Daily, ZenZone has gained acclaim for its innovative app-based, “by teens, for teens” approach to reducing online distractions and fostering healthier digital habits, crucial in today's technology-driven world.

Luke Peñaloza, the founder of ZenZone, high school student at Shanghai American School Puxi, and winner of the 2023 Future Business Leaders of America global top 3 competitor in entrepreneurship, stated, "By making ZenZone freely available for two years, we aim to empower individuals to take control of their digital lives and promote healthier habits. Our support of the ideas behind the lawsuits is a natural extension of ZenZone's mission. We've always been dedicated to enhancing digital wellness, especially among the young people of the world. This initiative is about taking a stand for the mental health of millions who are impacted by social media's addictive nature."

“In addition to the lawsuits, just last month, in response to the danger social media poses to the mental health of young people, New York City's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene issued an advisory identifying unrestricted access to and use of social media as a public health hazard,” continued Peñaloza.

Expanding its impact, ZenZone today announced its new collaboration with Duke Kunshan University and the Shanghai International Mental Health Association. Dr. George Hu, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at Duke Kunshan University explains, "Our collaboration with ZenZone is an innovative initiative towards addressing the mental health challenges among young people. Together, we will educate and empower communities on the significance of balanced internet use." ZenZone also announced partnerships with MentalHealthPH, a non profit organization in the Philippines focused on increasing awareness about people’s struggles with mental ill-health, empowering members to support themselves and others, and collaborating with various sectors towards sustainable solutions. MentalHealthPH serves a growing community with over 43,000 members from all over the Philippines. These partnerships aim to raise awareness about the link between internet addiction and mental health. 

This support aligns with the concerns raised in government lawsuits citing the detrimental effects of social media on mental health. ZenZone’s initiative is a testament to the company's commitment to creating a healthier digital environment.

"As an American who grew up in China and the Philippines, I was fascinated by how rapidly China’s government enacted laws to regulate young people's Internet usage and to oversee the video game industry's expansion. This approach starkly contrasts with America, where such laws are notably absent. Instead, in the U.S., it seems that lawsuits often serve as the primary means to enforce caution in these areas. As someone committed to driving change, I chose to not rely on the slow pace of regulations or legal actions. Instead, I took the initiative to develop a technological solution designed to counteract the health risks posed by certain tech products," explained Peñaloza.

Luke Penaloza, founder of ZenZone

ZenZone is uniquely positioned to aid in this battle, with features like focus periods and block lists that help users tailor their screen time according to their needs. Notably, ZenZone stole a play out of big social media’s playbook by implementing their “Streaks” feature. Similar to how Snapchat uses the sense of progress that a streak feature provides to hook teenagers, Zenzone records and displays a user’s consecutive days of focusing to build a recurring habit of productivity.

The app also encourages community building by enabling users to share their progress with friends, family and accountability partners. By offering insights into work habits and enabling users to share their progress, the app promotes a community-driven approach to productivity and mental health.

Screenshots of ZenZone App

“Ultimately, it takes a village. We would be extremely open to any collaborative efforts to tackle the pressing issue of deteriorating mental health,” concluded Peñaloza. ZenZone is currently reaching out to collaborate with a growing number of non-profit organizations focused on mental health in the United States, Philippines, and China. 

For more information about ZenZone and its mission, visit zenzoneapp.com. For questions and inquiries, email contact@zenzoneapp.com

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Name: Luke Peñaloza
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Organization: ZenZone Inc.
Address: 2124 Bonsallo Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90007
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