Young Trader Changes His Own Life and Then Shares Secrets with Others

Tyrone Rodriguez taught himself how to trade, then shared his secrets with others, prompting their successes as well.

Tyrone Rodriguez, or as most people call him, Tye, taught himself how to trade Forex as a way to try and propel himself and his family out of poverty. In May of 2017, he was a drop-out living in a one-bedroom apartment with his mother, stepfather, and three siblings. As the oldest child, he wanted to do anything he could to change the financial situation of the family for the better, so he began Forex trading while working 80 hours each week between two full-time jobs to help support the family. It allowed him to make some money without taking much away from the little free time he had.

Tye would stay awake at night, studying all the text he could find on the Forex Market in order to become a profitable trader. Over time, he lost a lot of sleep and many friends, but gained a following for how good of a trader @TyeTheGodd became. His nickname became “Pip-God” due to how proficient he was.

At this point, he found IM Academy, which allowed him to take his successes to an entirely new level. Just four months after starting his partnership with IM Academy, @TyeTheGodd retired from his jobs at Bank of America and Skechers and became a full-time Forex trader and network marketer.

Today, his organization has over 1,700 people in it. Tye makes sure each person is a part of his successful family of traders who all learn together and strive for greatness. The organization he created allows average people to find levels of success they would not have found otherwise. It teaches how to make money from any mobile device while also personally developing each person every day.

About Tyrone Rodriguez: Tyrone Rodriguez has always been smart. He was in the top 2% of all NYC students going into high school. However, his drive to help his family pulled him out of school in an attempt to create wealth so his family no longer had to struggle. He credits his wisdom and entrepreneurial traits to his stepfather, Paul West, believing that if it was not for him, he would not have had the desire to keep pushing himself as hard as he did. He offers simple advice to anyone wanting to start their own business: Always trust your gut and go with your decisions quickly, but change your mind slowly based on advice from those who have achieved the goals you strive for.

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