Young Adult Artist Releases Halloween Song To Generate Awareness and Support for Mental Health Issues

14-year-old singer songwriter has created a new single called “Ghost,” released for National Anxiety Awareness Day; and was written about the struggles of managing anxiety, with a goal to bring awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Autumn Helene, a 14 year old singer songwriter, high school freshman from the United States, has created a new single called “Ghost,” released for National Anxiety Awareness Day on Nov. 2, 2021, and just in time to be included in Halloween playlists.
The new single was written about the struggles of managing anxiety in these pandemic times, with a goal to bring awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. The song was written, produced, recorded, mixed and sung by Helene.
Helene shared, “One of my goals with the release of this song is to convey to people that do not struggle with their mental health, that this is an invisible illness, and that everyone struggles in one way or another. For others who struggle with managing their mental health, I just want to remind them that they are not alone.”
The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) states on their website, “When feelings of intense fear and distress become overwhelming and prevent us from doing everyday activities, an anxiety disorder may be the cause. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health concern in the United States. Over 40 million adults in the U.S. have an anxiety disorder. In addition, approximately seven percent of children aged 3-17 experience issues with anxiety each year.”
While each anxiety disorder does have its own unique symptoms, something they all have in common is: persistent, excessive fear or worry in situations that are not threatening, and one or more of the following: feeling tense, restless, irritable, anticipating and fixating on the worst possible outcome, feelings of apprehension or dread, sweating, upset stomach or headaches, fatigue or insomnia, heart racing and shortness of breath.
Unfortunately, Helene is no stranger to struggles with anxiety. “It can take up a lot of your time and energy. Honestly, it’s exhausting. There’s a lot of positive self-talk usually involved, to remind yourself that anxiety is a liar.” Anxiety can tend to amplify a person’s worst fears or insecurities, which the person suffering from anxiety may tend to fixate about, which Helene successfully conveys, not only through the use of lyrics, but also through her unsettling choices of instrumentation.
“The ghost in my song was personified as a toxic friend, to help the listener understand how the anxiety can pull you in, whisper mean things to you, and may also haunt you and cause you to feel this sense of dread,” said Helene.
Her first original song, “You Won’t Regret A Thing” was released when Helene was still 12 years old, in response to being bullied, and the song was selected for use in the new American dark fantasy thriller television series “Hunting Jessica.” She writes songs that she hopes will make people think, feel and act, as well as not feel so alone.

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Autumn Helene is a 14 year old ASCAP recording artist from Auburn, WA, USA, who writes songs to make people think, feel and act for the greater good. Often compared to artists such as Adele, Billie Eilish, Lorde, Mitski and Nina Persson, Helene’s music is available on most streaming platforms with followers in 75 countries, and has been featured in Auburn Reporter (USA), Banks Radio (Australia), Belter Radio (UK), Casey Radio (Australia), CBJ Radio (USA), College Underground Radio (USA), Chris Sarabia Live on Instagram(USA), Davey Anscombe on The Flash (UK), Georgia Songbirds (USA), (Top 5 songs in 2020) Grey Eagle Radio Show (USA), The Independent Music Show (Ireland), (Top 5 song in 2020 for 20+weeks) Indie Rampage Radio (USA), Indie Star Radio(USA), Kayden Gordon Show (USA), Live with Neve (USA), Local Music Scene (USA), Mark Skin Radio (USA), Music Mafia Radio (USA), (Top 5 song in 2020 for 10+ weeks) Nashville Ride 1956 FM Radio (USA), Paul Nash TV (USA), Radio Wigwam (UK), 2021 Seattle PRIDE (USA), 2021 Seattle Refined Artist of the Week (USA), Seattle KING-5-NEWS, Seattle Wave Radio (USA), (Top 5 songs in 2020 20+ weeks, 2020 Artist to Watch For) SheWolf Radio (USA), Tacoma Tribune (USA), Tabajara FM 106.1 (Brazil), Talent Watch (USA), TJ-TV (USA), UK Independent Radio (UK), and WSMG Radio (USA).

She is a member of the American Songwriters Association, Billboard 500 Club, ISSA, and West Coast Songwriters Association and is an admin for multiple music groups on social media. Helene is an ISSA worldwide representative, has been GRAMMY considered for her song “Stars Align,” and has a song placed in television show “Hunting Jessica.” Helene has received: 2021 ISSA Young Adult Artist of the Year (Bronze), 2021 Best New Artist Award in the Rampage Music Awards, 2021 Best Teen Songwriter and Top Teen Track “Good In You Remix,” 2021 Elephant Talk Indie Awards, 2021 Indie Songwriting Awards Pop Finalist – “Blinded.”2020 Star of Tomorrow, 2020 World Songwriting Awards Best Song by a Young Adult Artist “Off My Knees.” 2020 World Songwriting Awards Best Modern Country Song Finalist “Blinded.” 2020 World Songwriting Awards Best Song Young Adult Finalist “Stars Align.” 2020 Indie Rampage Radio Pop Artist of the Month. 2020 World Songwriting Awards Best Alternative Song Finalist “Good In You.”2020 ISSA US Young Adult Artist of the Year Finalist. Helene is working on a fully self produced album for release in 2022.

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