You Are My Light Foundation to Host First Annual Fundraiser to Open First Human Trafficking Healing Center.

YAML Foundation & Trust hosts a fundraising dinner event Thursday, September 30th, 2021, at the Anatole Hilton, Dallas, TX.

The You Are My Light (YAML) Foundation and Trust has announced its first annual fundraiser to support the opening of the first Healing Center in the midwest for rescued victims of human trafficking, sex, and labor slavery. YAML is committed to eradicating human trafficking and aims to provide a safe space for victims of this crime. Attendees will learn about the grass-roots movement to eliminate the $150 billion-dollar illicit industry that robs children of their innocence, youth, and often life.

“It's not enough to talk about it; we must do something about it,” Orly Amor, YAML founder, and abuse survivor, stated. “While debates on the value of rehabilitation programs persist, these are still largely seen as essential for the protection of human rights survivors and facilitation of their recovery after trafficking."

Human trafficking, sex, and labor slavery are some of the most complex challenges facing the FBI and CIA as it is a deeply subterranean and ultra-modernized industry. YAML Foundation has partnered with other organizations to bring awareness, establish rescue missions, and proactively lead the private sector. They want to inspire individuals and businesses to take notice and responsibility in their communities for the children’s sake.

All private sector CEOs, investors, family offices, charitable organizations, and hedge-fund leaders are strongly encouraged to attend. The evening will include a red-carpet ceremony, cocktails with chamber music, and a silent auction preview. Dinner consists of a four-course meal and live entertainment by supporting artists, influential subject matter speakers, networking, and much more. This fundraiser is also being Livestreamed for a donation for attendees to participate globally. The schedule and
tickets for this live or virtual event can be found at or email

“YAML Foundation and Trust is geared to be the outsourced partner in multi-skilled disciplines, and it exists to help the survivors who were human trafficked individuals unable to stop the cycle and in need of safe havens. The safe havens are where they’ll obtain safe medical assistance, knowledge, and talent development. This ripple effect in society creates work for medical personnel, teachers, security, catering staff, providing these survivors with valuable, marketable skills.” The YAML Foundation and Trust is here to help.

About You Are My Light Foundation: YAML is building safe, healing, and rehabilitation centers for rescued victims of human trafficking, sex, and labor slavery. Survivors learn life skills, receive education and reclaim their honor, dignity, and their God-given right to life, freedom, and autonomy—a life of freedom, fulfillment, and power. While many task forces exist to help rescue these young adults, they crucially lack true safe havens, physical destinations where proper care is given by experienced personnel. You Are My Light Foundation & Trust is building these safe havens so each person may best begin a free future. Passionate about this appalling worldwide state of affairs,

About Orly Amor: Founding Trustee, Orly Amor, created You Are My Light Foundation & Trust. Orly, who overcame abuse herself, and as a self-made entrepreneur and social influencer, understands the plight of this community both in heart and mind. As an international influencer that's not been able to keep quiet about this topic any longer she decided to break chains of society speaking for those who can't speak for themselves - hence founding her newest initiative You Are My Light Foundation and Trust. Orly Amor holds multiple degrees in Political Science and is an international public speaker, a bestselling author, mentor, and business coach. Amor is the publisher of the Speakers & Experts Magazine & Directory, The Global Mentoring, Coaching & Publishing Center. She is globally known for her Business Coach for Public Speakers, Creator of Business in a Box for Public Speakers. Amor launched the Health and Wellness Network of Commerce Centers to provide entrepreneurs a nationwide network and tools to grow their business.

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