“Yes I Can” by Nate Green Sr. Becomes A #1 International Bestselling Book on Amazon within 48 hours of launch

Multi Talented entrepreneur, coach, and writer Nate Green Sr. is pleased to see his stock rise as his new book, “Yes I Can” catches the eye of the international market.

The book “Yes I Can” hits the #1 International Bestselling Author status on Amazon in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. The inspiring book is a page-turner that sets out to motivate readers into chasing their dreams and never giving up.

Nate Green's “Yes I Can” is targeted at everyone out there who is wondering if they are ever going to find success in their ventures including aspiring entrepreneurs and sportsmen. In his bestseller, he tells it all about how he came from nothing to becoming a world-renowned author. When quizzed about how it feels to be a bestselling author, Nate was happy to say, “It’s an unbelievable feeling to be able to share my story and inspire others.”

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When he’s not writing bestsellers, Nate Green is either putting out motivational music, designing clothes, or coaching mentees to achieve success. Growing up in abject poverty turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Nate. The unfortunate circumstance led him to believe in dreams and hard work. As a young man growing up in the rough urban areas of Kansas City, Missouri, Nate always had to make tough choices.

Being raised by a single mother working 3 jobs to make ends meet was tough on him, but it allowed him to build some character. Watching his mother and siblings bulldoze their way through that rough life made Nate the man that he is today. He made mistakes, but recovered from them and now hopes to pass that message on to keen listeners. These days, the name, Nate Green is accompanied by resounding success stories and it was all achieved through hard work.

Nate Green’s desire to help others and build an empire for himself led to the establishment of his artist management company, called ScrilltownMO. Since its inception 10 months ago, Nate Green has managed to secure a 3-year distribution deal with Sony Music Orchard for his management company.

The book, “Yes I Can” comes with a description that reads, “This is the beginning of my story. How I came from nothing, and turned nothing into something.” The bestselling author is encouraging everyone out there who is confused and struggling to figure out life to reach out to him via ScrilltownMO. Nate’s vast life and professional experience will no doubt make a lot of difference in his coaching sessions.

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