Yazira Announces the Launch of it's Automagical Employee Timesheet & Schedule Management Systems for Businesses

Yazira set to disrupt the HR world with amazing new software that revolutionizes the way employees and employers manage their work schedules and hours.

As businesses have grown up and increased in complexity, the challenge of making the most of your time seems to get exponentially harder. Efficiency is not just a buzzword in entrepreneurial circles, it is also the perfection every company strives for. However elusive 100% efficiency may be, it remains the target for businesses around the world.

Right now, most businesses are probably using a few methods to attempt to track their employees work efficiency. But, while a nice spreadsheet may look pretty, it still relies on human input and honesty to work properly.

What if you could track your employee’s time automatically, remove human error and bias and encourage everyone to work at their peak efficiency?

Yazira has the answer.

Available as a smartphone app, Yazira is the smart software businesses have been looking for. While enabled, Yazira will track your employees as they walk in and out of work by monitoring their location, among other things, in the background. Yazira will automatically clock employees in as they come through the front doors or clock them out as they walk out their work premises.

Competition at work is a very human concept but all too often, businesses fail to put this primal instinct to work. By showing and comparing the way employees use their time openly, Yazira helps to foster a friendly competition between employees. Employees can also give each other anonymous performance reviews to encourage best behaviour at all times.

With Yazira, employees are given an ownership mentality over their work, empowering them to do better every day. Over time, employees can track their own progress and management can use the information to aid in annual performance reviews too. The spirit of constant growth and improvement is essential to businesses developing in 2019 and is most important in staff progress.

99% of employers love Yazira products and you can certainly see why.

For more information about Yazira and the Automagical Employee Timesheet & Schedule Management Systems, please contact the Yazira team via phone at (650) 387-3989 or via messages at http://faq.yazira.com/. Please address any postal queries to 255-B Constitution Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025 United States of America and check out all other details to revolutionize your employee efficiency and accountability at https://www.yazira.com/.

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