Yasha DAO Set to Develop New NEKO Hardware Wallet and Cross - Chain NFT Marketplace

Following the highly successful launches of InuYasha Inu, Guzzler, Clifford Inu and Pochi Inu, YASHA Dao confirmed this week that they have moved forward with plans to develop and manufacture a new cold storage hardware wallet branded as the Neko wallet.

The InuYasha ecosystem was developed to provide a safe space for investors to get involved in fully audited, vetted and transparent projects that are community-driven. With the demand for highly valuable digital assets growing exponentially, the community has seen a significant rise in well devised scams and fraudulent activity across the space. The increasing popularity and success of many large NFT projects has attracted new investors who are particularly vulnerable to security breaches and theft.

Keeping investors safe is an integral part of the philosophy behind the community, and spearheading the development of a secure hard wallet was a natural second step for the growing ecosystem. As a community-driven incubator and launchpad platform, Yasha DAO has been committed to developing and launching secure and innovative projects within the DeFi and NFT landscape. The DAO recently announced a joint venture with industry leaders across the decentralized finance sector to co-develop an innovative cross-platform, multi-chain hardware wallet called the Neko Wallet.

Hardware wallets are designed to store a user's private key in a device that keeps vulnerable information separate from the data logged on to a computer or smartphone. While the existing products on the market offer security for cryptocurrencies, there still remains a gap for operating systems that provide an efficient and user-friendly platform for the NFT market.

The developers behind the Neko Wallet are keen to offer a simple fix to a widespread problem seen across the decentralized finance sector: secure cross-chain access to NFT assets on one platform. The NEKO hard wallet will feature a decentralized soft app (dApp) integrated within the device that will allow users to access and view all of their NFT’s on one platform without needing to switch networks or login to multiple marketplaces. The app itself will act as a ranking platform and marketplace for NFT’s and the NEKO token will act as a governance token within the app. Project developers who are looking to have their NFT’s trend on the platform will need to use NEKO tokens to purchase trending time for their projects.

Manufacturing and development for the device and dApp have entered the initial phases of production with a release slated before the end of 2022. Users can visit the website for more information and Join Telegram to connect with the community.

Contact Info:
Name: https://theneko.io/
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Organization: Neko
Phone: +49 1674 587432
Website: http://jess@theneko.io

Release ID: 89065211