Yarlap: A Women's Health FemTech Awards Winner 2018!

The FDA-cleared Yarlap(R): best and buzziest tools to empower women to take control of their health. yarlap.com.

Yarlap® specializes in developing FDA-cleared medical devices for women. MaryEllen Reider, Yarlap® Board member and Director, says “It is a great achievement to be recognized by Women’s Health for advancing women’s pelvic health. Our Yarlap® team is internationally recognized for our excellence in addressing products for women’s health. Yarlap® is clinically proven to improve pelvic floor muscle control to treat female urinary incontinence. Improved muscle tone can improve pelvic floor wellness, including improved sexual performance and improved sexual expression through pelvic floor muscle contol.”

Yarlap was carefully designed to help women regain control pelvic control in just 20 minutes per day, three to five times per week. The revolutionary urinary incontinence device is available exclusively from the Yarlap® website at yarlap.com.

“Nearly 40 percent of women start to experience bothersome incontinence by age 25. Unfortunately, the numbers only tend to get worse as time goes on,” said MaryEllen Reider, Co-founder of Relevium Labs Inc. “We are the bearer of good news for women and have in Yarlap® a real solution to this sensitive issue. Women can use the Yarlap® kegel stimulation device to strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles gently and effectively. We are very proud of our results.”

Designed in the USA and manufactured in England, the Yarlap® Kegel Trainer uses AutoKegel® Technology, which sends signals directly to the muscles and instructs them to exercise the muscles of your pelvic floor correctly every time. This, re-educates the pelvic floor muscles, increasing their tone and correcting factors that can lead to incontinence. Yarlap®’s clinically proven programs put women in control when it comes to treating and preventing urinary incontinence, allowing them create a unique and comfortable treatment rhythm that’s just right for their individual needs.

Reider went on to say, “We know that muscle tone is a clinically proven way to treat incontinence. When the muscles are weak, the signal to move the muscle is often lost. This often makes traditional Kegel exercises inconsistent at best and useless at worst. As the best kegel device on the market, Yarlap® takes the guesswork out of the process for women, giving them an effective solution that ensures they get it right every single time. In just a few short weeks, Yarlap® will allow them to regain control of both their bladders and their lives.”

Visit yarlap.com to learn more about The Yarlap® with AutoKegel® is how we women confidence and a new lease on life.

About Relevium Labs Inc.:

Medical devices developed by the Yarlap® team are FDA-cleared and used by the National Health care systems of France, Germany, Scandinavia and Great Britain. The Yarlap® design team includes authors and referees for medical and scientific peer review journals. For more information on the role of our pelvic floor muscles: “Role of Pelvic Floor Muscles in Female Orgasmic Response,” (J Womens Health Issues Care Vol: 5 Issue: 6) a British peer review science and medicine article.

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