Y-5 Is Set to Become the First Regulated Crypto Exchange with Tokenomics

Y-5, after a successful presale in a concise space of time, is set to become the first regulated crypto exchange with tokenomics. With many more utilities planned, Y-5 is set to explode in 2022.

The Y-5 Token was predicated upon a redistributive philosophy that rewards holders for their loyalty to the project and platform. What makes Y-5 singular in its ability to generate value is that it's the first reflection token to operate using five different yield generation sources. It creates a futuristic yield-generating ecosystem through staking, farming, custom reflections, and the exchange.

In a recent development, it is ready to emerge as the first regulated crypto exchange in the market after the successful launch of the presale. Investors who purchase before January 15th will be eligible for a 10% airdrop that will take place just before the custom dashboard re-lease. Contract: 0xcbd8aece0c920eef3f215ad4e7319052bd8eaa74.

Y-5 is proficient in providing its services, and it delivers fast, innovative, and easy processes of staking and investing to its investors. Y-5 Token holders will receive 13% of each transaction in BUSD automatically. It will eventually change so token holders can choose which tokens they wish to receive rewards.

They are currently mid-development on the software. Y-5 Token is the first to offer users rewards from five different streams. It also gives users the option to receive rewards as a token of their choice, meaning Y-5 will never go out of fashion by allowing the holder to choose their reflections. To obtain the reflections, you must add the tokens to your wallet and be pa-tient. The rewards can be manually claimed from the dashboard; however, this can also de-pend on your holdings and volume.

Using the Binance Smart Chain, the Y-5 Token has 10X quicker block speeds and lower gas fees. Y-5 is proud to be the only yield generation token on the planet to reward its holders in multiple yields generating tokens that the holder can choose. Establishing a new standard in DeFi token economics (tokenomics) with an innovative token distribution strategy, the Y-5 Token is intended to be held while profiting investors during periods of anticipated market volatility. And with a universal tax policy, global price actions will result in equal holder rewards.

It offers efficient Yield Farming, staking, and liquidity Algorithm. Yield Farming is a crypto-currency investment strategy that facilitates the hope of more significant returns compared to most conventional investments. Additionally, Y-5 will implement the staking method as an-other instrument for users to earn rewards for their holdings. Staking is a way of verifying transactions for several cryptocurrencies, committing crypto assets to a blockchain network to support and confirm transactions.

Moreover, Y-5 holders will be able to stake against our Liquidity Algorithm, whereby users can stake a percentage of their tokens as a way to gain access to up-and-coming projects that they may wish to add as a reward token at a later stage. The LP algorithm holds minimal downside by staking the LP tokens and gaining 0.05% of every transaction on the chosen Token.

Determined crypto enthusiasts must visit the website for further details. To avail of the services, connect through Telegram.

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