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Satellites began relaying television signals in 1962 and technology has come a long way over the past 50 years. As a result, the Satellite Industry Association reports a seven percent growth in the industry in 2012, with much of this growth occurring in the satellite television sector. "Consumers looking to move to satellite television often hesitate to do so as they are concerned about choosing the right provider. Thanks to Xtreme Satellite TV, this no longer needs to be an issue," Joseph J. Hutchcraft of Xtreme Satellite TV declares.

When comparing satellite providers, consumers need to consider various components. Channel selection remains a top priority with the top satellite providers offering similar channel selections and programming. Learn when providers evaluate programming to ensure favorite channels won't be lost mid-contract. DVR and On Demand services continue to be a priority with many subscribers and storage capacity of the digital video recorders must factor into the consumer's decision as to which company to sign with. Customer service and reliability need to factor into the decision also. "Consumers want the most for their hard earned cash. With the comparison charts and information provided by Xtreme Satellite TV, choosing the service which best meets each customer's needs now becomes easier," Mr. Hutchcraft states.

DIRECTV remains one of the youngest providers in the satellite television industry, yet quickly captured the attention of television viewers thanks to its programming, outstanding customer service, reliable signals, special offers and more. The DVR for this service comes at no charge and prices continue to be competitive and easily affordable. The one drawback noted by many customers involves the time required for installation. This does tend to be longer than seen with other satellite services. "Consumers often find the extra time is worth the wait as this provider evaluates channel listings less frequently than many other providers. This reduces the risk of viewers losing access to their favorite show mid-contract," Mr. Hutchcraft explains.

A wide range of consumers find DISH network better meets their particular needs. Dish network offers both standard and HD DVRs and offers a wide range of channels consumers love. Extensive international programming continues to be one area where this provider excels although DIRECTV offers more in terms of sports packages. Access to Video on Demand comes through Blockbuster @Home when DISH network is selected. "Consumers need to determine what they want and need from their satellite television provider. Once this step has been taken, consumers find it easy to see which provider or providers best meet their needs with the help of the comparison charts and information provided at Xtreme Satellite TV," Mr. Hutchcraft exclaims.

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Xtreme Satellite TV understands consumers want to get the most when it comes to their television viewing while paying the least possible price and strives to help site visitors do exactly that. Comparison charts help consumers move through the decision making process when choosing between the various satellite television providers. Channel lineups and packages vary greatly between providers and the site offers unbiased information about both to assist customers in choosing the right company and package for their needs at the lowest price possible.

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