XtreamClean Announces The Launch Of Their New XtreamPipe Brand

The new brand will help homeowners save money by relining their pipes instead of replacing them, reports www.xtreampipe.se.

XtreamClean, Sweden’s premier provider of pipe inspection and maintenance services, recently announced some exciting news. The company has just launched a new brand: XtreamPipe. For home and business owners whose pipe systems are beyond repair, XtreamPipe gives them an alternative to replacement by allowing them to simply reline their pipes. This pipe relining service is not only quick and effective, but also saves homeowners a great deal of money.

One representative of XtreamPipe commented, “Our team could not be more excited about the launch of this new brand. Many home and business owners worry when their pipe system begins to grow old because they know that replacing their pipes can be a costly ordeal. XtreamPipe was created to show them that there is a better alternative. Rather than seek to replace the damaged or worn-out pipe, we reline the sewer with a flexible feed pipe. Not only does this help the homeowners keep more money in their pockets, but it also saves time and hassle since less construction is needed throughout the relining process.”

According to www.xtreampipe.se, the process of pipe relining is relatively simple in comparison to replacement. First, their specialists will clean the inside of the existing pipes in order to get rid of any rust, deposits, or other debris that has accumulated there. Then, with very little digging, property interference, or construction, the XtreamPipe team will utilize compressed air to twist and “cast” a self-supporting flexible feed pipe so that it fits right inside the existing pipes. This essentially creates a new pipe that will last for many years to come.

The representative went on to say, “Pipe replacement is almost always an expensive and frustrating process. Fortunately, XtreamPipe is here to save homeowners from having to worry about it. We’ve used this method on large industrial buildings as well as with smaller private customers, and our experts stand ready to help anyone get their pipe system back up and running with this minimally-invasive relining procedure. We encourage home and business owners to give us a call and see what solutions we can provide for them.”

Visit http://www.xtreampipe.se to learn more about the new XtreamPipe brand and their innovative pipe relining technology.

About XtreamPipe:

XtreamPipe is a division of XtreamClean. Using a unique technology employed by highly-trained staff, the company specializes in renovating old pipes rather than replacing them. Their vision is to always carry out the assignments they undertake, create long-term partnerships, recurring customers and a pleasant and long-term workplace for their employees.

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