Xtramile Soft Introduces New Pre-Built SAGE Reporting Services

The company is providing contractors with the technical infrastructure to build and deploy accurate reports on demand, reports http://www.xtramilesoft.com/sage-reporting-services/.

Charlotte-based Xtramile Soft announced the introduction of their SAGE Reporting Services. The company wants contractors in the construction industry to know that they can now provide them with all of the technical infrastructure they need to build and deploy accurate reports on demand. From Sage Payroll Reporting to job costing, Xtramile is helping companies with what they need to stay in compliance and keep their spending in check.

“In this day and age, reporting is a necessary aspect of all construction and real estate businesses. When it comes to payroll, inaccurate reporting can lead to costly non-compliance penalties from government agencies. In terms of job costing, purchase orders, and other financial dealings, accurate reporting ensures that companies can keep track of every dollar spent and keep their bottom line intact. These are the tasks that SAGE Reporting tools aim to help them accomplish, and we see it as our job to make it as easy as possible for them to do so,” said Vivek Vemunoori of Xtramile Soft.

Xtramile Soft helps companies to modify or build new reports so they can run them on time whenever they are needed and avoid delays in getting the information they require to make critical business decisions. Their team works hard to ensure correct Sage Job Costing Reports and estimates for all contracting projects to help construction companies to avoid undercharging. The company aims to provide reasonable pricing for businesses of all sizes, providing them with both hourly and project-based payment options.

As Vemunoori continued, “More than 65,000 companies have installed and are running SAGE Reporting Software for their business use. Whether it’s weekly Sage Purchase Order Reporting or a different type of report they need, we are beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to help so many maintain the integrity of their business with accurate and timely information that helps them save money, stay in compliance, and keep their business running smoothly day in and day out.”

About Xtramile Soft:

Xtramile Soft helps companies to modify or build new reports so they can run their reports on time whenever needed. The company provides all technical services to build and deploy reports for the customers. Clients like their services because they always provide correct estimates and provide on time deployment to eliminate any delays in reporting. Xtramile strives to be very reasonable in pricing and available on demand with no contracts. Clients can engage them on an hourly or per-project basis.

Contact Info:
Name: Vivek Vemunoori
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Organization: Xtramile Soft
Address: 212 S Tryon St, STE#1640 Charlotte, NC 28281
Phone: (877) 487 1563
Website: http://www.xtramilesoft.com

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