XPress Promotion Reveals New Logo Design For New Full Spectrum Marketing Services

XPress Promotion has redesigned their logo to better reflect the speed and accuracy of their marketing approaches, which now include direct mail services.

For most businesses, promotion is a matter of establishing a strong web presence then setting about climbing the Google search rankings for the words potential customers use when looking for their product or service, buying AdWords features or managing a social media page. Before these were commonplace however, grass roots promotion took the form of direct mail marketing, and evidence suggests its effectiveness is now increasingly effective as fewer companies use the strategy, but those who do use it cleverly. XPress Promotion offers expert mail marketing services, and has redesigned their logo to reflect that.

As well as offering website design, graphic design and phone-based marketing, the company also offers one of the most effective direct mailing services available. As a result, the new logo has taken the form of a red and white paper airplane with a post mark hosting the signature X.

The company can offer qualified mailing lists for a business’ local area and create targeted campaigns designed to maximize engagement and return on investment. The service comes with tracking of new customer and lead generation so businesses can analyze the efficacy themselves.

A spokesperson for XPress Promotion explained, “We work with businesses to take them through the process every step of the way, offering complete transparency and cooperation throughout each phase of the design, implementation and return of the direct mail marketing campaign. We are able to retrieve in-depth data on delivery, lead generations and sales closed as a result of direct mail marketing so businesses know where the mail is going, how it’s been targeted, what the distribution is and what results it’s achieved. Using this strategy, we have managed to retain and grow our client base exponentially, which is why we have shifted the logo to better reflect our flagship product.”

About XPress Promotion:
XPress Promotion is a direct mail and marketing company focusing on small business marketing in and around Washington, DC. The company was established in October of 2005. What distinguishes the company from the competition is that they provide quality marketing promotion in which they set-up the campaigns and walk the client through each step, providing a complete service.

Contact Info:
Name: Shawn Kimmel
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Organization: XPress Promotion
Phone: 202-361-7997
Website: http://xpresspromotion.com/

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