Xpress Gate Offers Unique Purchasing Shield Portal For Malaysian Buyers Sourcing Chinese Goods

Xpress Gate offers Malaysian shoppers, entrepreneurs and businesses an easy means to buy goods from China without cultural, legal and taxation problems getting in the way.

Malaysia is home to Singapore, and as such has one of South East Asia’s most thriving economies. As such, its citizens can often get better deals importing goods from China, especially from wholesale goods stores like Taobao. However, doing so can involve linguistic and cultural misunderstandings, as well as other unforeseen problems that complicate the process and result in a more expensive transaction. Xpress Gate is an approved buying agent for Malaysia and can help everyone from individuals to small businesses get goods in from Taobao at the cheapest rates available.

Xpress Gate is a trading agent, and has a special relationship with Taobao and its parent company Alibaba, enabling them to assist buyers throughout South East Asia without significantly inflating prices, so their users get the same great deals but more conveniently than trying to navigate the system alone.

Since the Alibaba (parent company of Taobao.com) became one of the most valuable tech companies in the world after raising $25 billion from its U.S. IPO, there is a belief that Taobao.com would extend their business worldwide. Xpress Gate allows people throughout South East Asia to do this already, overcoming existing miscommunication and misunderstanding to secure the best deals.

A spokesperson for XpressGate.com explained, “Xpress Gate is the very best way for Malaysians to source more affordable alternatives to a huge range of products by importing them from China. Taobao is China’s biggest wholesale marketplace and is the ideal place for Malaysians to save money when spending on essentials. By going through us, people are assured of the same great prices while at the same time getting a more convenient, Malaysian-optimized service that prevents any mishaps from getting in the way of great value. Check us out today and see how much you could save.”

About Xpress Gate: Xpressgate.com (PG0351588-P) is one of the best shipping companies in Malaysia and has been established since 2011. The company now assists many companies in Malaysia, especially in the northern regions, in importing goods from China and other ASEAN countries. Xpress Gate also has a trading platform for local entrepreneurs and SMEs and offers a Purchasing Shield to all clients.

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