XnMatrix was invited to attend Blockchain Expo2020, IPFS distributed storage technology brings more benefits to the big data era

XnMatrix is the world’s leading decentralized cloud computing platform and infrastructure for the intelligent society in the AI era.

At present, a new round of scientific revolution and industrial innovation develops at a high speed. Internet technologies represented by blockchain, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. continue to make breakthroughs, which have injected new momentum into the economic innovation and development of various countries and promoted the global Industrial integration and development provide new opportunities.

On September 29, 2020, Blockchain Expo 2020 sponsored by XnMatrix will be grandly held on the purpose of displaying the global blockchain ecosystem, helping promote the implementation of IPFS distributed technology and applications, and improving the global cloud computing ecosystem.

Blockchain Expo2020 is the fourth industry event after the ones that was held in Europe, America, and Asia. The companies that participated in the past include AWS, eBay, JP Morgan, LinkedIn, Oracle and other well-known companies. This conference will gather 40+ speakers and 50+ exhibitors at home and abroad. Innovative companies in the fields of Internet of Things, 5G, blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, network security, cloud etc. will get together and discuss on emerging technologies, risk management, regional Blockchain applications, digital assets, generalization, digital economy, cloud computing and other topics during this two-day event.

XnMatrix, as a partner of the conference, will join IBM, Alibaba Cloud, Divvy Cloud, etc. and attend the conference as sponsor/exhibitor. This time XnMatrix will showcase the world's leading decentralized cloud computing technology and IPFS distributed storage achievements at the event. At the same time, XnMatrix will communicate with outstanding companies in other fields around the world and cooperate with various industries to achieve in-depth development and digital upgrades.

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, companies have begun to re-examine the significance of digitalization for resisting risks and achieving growth. Digitalization has enabled more new businesses to emerge in the new era and has become the "new routine". The demand for digital transformation in thousands of industries has also brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges to infrastructure solution service providers. XnMatrix- the world’s leading decentralized cloud computing platform shared the topics and understanding of the new generation of cloud computing at this conference.

XnMatrix is the world’s leading decentralized cloud computing platform and infrastructure for the intelligent society in the AI era. Based on blockchain technology, XnMatrix can provide one-stop services, such as decentralized AI cloud computing, encrypted computing, open finance, and blockchain companies to meet the SaaS/PaaS systems required by the future world to accelerate intelligence. development of. Any individual, organization or start-up company can use XnMatrix to obtain a friendlier, and more secure decentralized cloud computing services at a low cost. XnMatrix will become the pioneer of AI civilization, respond to the new challenges of the intelligent era in a safe and trusting way, continue to create value for customers through technological innovation, and continue to contribute value to social development.

There are more than 50 ecological enterprises in XnMatrix so far, covering e-commerce, open finance, AI labs, blockchain companies, IPFS distributed storage, robots, digital wallets and asset management and other application development. To empower customers, for XnMatrix, the most important thing is to provide extensive, comprehensive, in-depth, and powerful decentralized cloud services to help customers create innovative applications based on a more open and efficient decentralized cloud.

In the future, we can see the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises or the creation of new decentralized businesses. To do that, XnMatrix will be an indispensable partner. More people are welcome to join the process of digital transformation with the help of the of XnMatrix decentralized cloud computing platform to expand the traditional centralized market and step up a new round of industrial upgrading.

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