XMAX Wins a Top Five Spot on the Block Battle TV Show

Block Battle, a blockchain competition bringing together projects from around the globe, recently concluded season one. The competition aired on Asian Economic Television reaching audiences from all over Asia.

Block Battle, a blockchain competition bringing together projects from around the globe, recently concluded season one. The competition aired on Asian Economic Television reaching audiences from all over Asia. With many exciting projects showcased throughout the competition, XMAX stood out as one of the projects to watch. XMAX, a new solution for blockchain gaming and entertainment DAPP development, was announced as one of the top five projects. The XMAX blockchain is focused on reforming the way gamers, and game developers interact. XMAX won over the judges with their innovative ideas and their hard work certainly paid off. This project has now been pushed to the forefront of the blockchain world after their impressive show at Block Battle.

In episode four, after viewing white papers from various projects, XMAX was named one of the top five teams in the entire competition. In doing so, XMAX earned a spot in the Block Battle live broadcast and mentoring from experts including Eric Choi from the prominent Korean Blockchain Consulting Firm Viral Nation and Mr. Doil Son with the Korean law firm Yulchon LLC. This exposure will help XMAX to reach new audiences, and the mentorship will provide them will valuable knowledge as the company continues to grow.

XMAX has also recently announced the launch of their testnet. The testnet marks a major step in the project’s development. The testnet is loaded with features including payments, user accounts, smart contracts, and asset token support. This launch allows future developers and users to get hands-on experience with the technology that this project is currently creating. XMAX has also stated that more features will be coming to the testnet in the future so users can get a better idea of what the finished product will look like. So far, the Testnet launch has been successful as XMAX has been able to gather a large pool of game developers to test their platform. Mokylin, InterServ, Ninestar Entertainment, and Qinqyungame.com are all major developers who have forged partnerships with XMAX. With these major developers on board, this blockchain project will have no trouble reaching their target audience. With notable developers, popular games, and XMAX’s innovative blockchain technology, gamers, and game developers have started to take notice. Developers can sign up to use the Testnet by contacting XMAX via developers@xmx.com.

Watch Block Battle on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHuhfV57rN26cvy2EywJ7Rw

In addition to the support of major game developers, XMAX has also forged relationships with other public blockchain projects to aid their expansion and joined the PCTA (Public Chain Technology Alliance). As a PCTA member, XMAX has several strategic partners including ATLAS, BYTOM, HPB, YOUDEAL, NULS, NEBULAS, and PCHAIN. These partners give XMAX the ability to emerge as a major innovator in the blockchain gaming by sharing technology, marketing resources, and users.
XMAX also discussed cooperation with the social media app 3AM, which integrates social media with blockchain features. For many users, this APP acts as a portal to connect developers with experienced cryptocurrency users. 3AM has community features, support for developers, and a built-in wallet for blockchain payments. Relationships like these are helping the project grow at a steady rate and gives reason to believe that XMAX has the potential to shift the paradigm of gaming and how developers and gamers develop and ideas into products.

When discussing why this blockchain is important and what it brings to both developers and gamers alike, XMAX debates the current market share of the gaming industry; they see a major problem. The problem XMAX has identified is the fact that of the over 100 billion US Dollars earned by the gaming industry in 2017, almost all of the revenue comes from centralized gaming where players do not own their assets.[ https://newzoo.com/insights/rankings/top-25-companies-game-revenues/] This lack of ownership is a problem for gamers and small developers because despite the size of the market they do not share in the ownership of the items. In response, XMAX created their blockchain as a technical bridge that gives gamers and small game developers a larger platform to gain more control over the market they helped to build.

XMAX is also providing developers with an ecosystem to create games and share ideas. This new space for developers has the potential to inspire never-before-seen types of gameplay based on decentralized communities. A blockchain ecosystem like this one is truly a win-win for both developers and gamers. With XMAX, the future of gaming lies in giving gamers real value in exchange for their purchases. In today’s world, the gamer does not truly control any valuable in-game assets. If the services for the game were to be shut down, the gamer would lose all he or she had invested in that game. XMAX believes that their blockchain can be the answer to supplying gamers with real value for the money and time invested in a particular game.
In the future, XMAX sees their technology used to forge fully decentralized gaming worlds. This ecosystem will lead to a more enjoyable experience for developing, purchasing, and consuming games on all platforms.

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