Xero Tool Silver Siphon Adds Support for Australia's Pin Payments Service

New functionality represents Pin Payments activity as bank feed within Xero accounting system, as with Silver Siphon's Stripe integration, creator Aktura Technology reports

Silver Siphon, a popular tool for the Xero cloud-based accounting system, has added support for the Pin Payments all-in-one payment service. The new functionality makes it simple for users to Sync Pin Payments to Xero, with a two-minute setup being all that is required to create a new virtual bank feed that encompasses all activity passing through the system. As with Silver Siphon's support for bridging the Stripe payment system with Xero, the new Pin Payments and Xero Integration is designed to simplify bookkeeping for businesses, doing away with the most common headaches.

"We're proud to announce that our new Pin Payments integration for Xero is now available," Silver Siphon representative James Rose said, "Pin Payments is becoming very popular with Australian companies, and for a number of excellent reasons. We've now made it much easier for Xero users to integrate their Pin Payments activities with that powerful accounting system. The new Pin Payments integration is incredibly easy to set up and will save our clients hours of tedious work every month."

Although industry stalwart QuickBooks still dominates the world of SMB bookkeeping, there are a number of younger competitors that have been making impressive progress. Prime among these is the cloud-based Xero accounting system, a rapidly growing creation of New Zealand native Rob Drury that is now officially represented through additional offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Although users often appreciate the way that Xero simplifies many common bookkeeping and accounting tasks, the system has plenty of limitations, at least in its basic form. One key feature of Xero is its relative openness to the addition of functionality by outsiders, though, with a wide-ranging application programming interface now being utilized by hundreds of third-party vendors.

The Silver Siphon web application was created by leading Australian firm Aktura Technology to address one of the most common challenges among Xero users. Despite the worldwide popularity of the Stripe payments platform, the Xero accounting system does not, by default, make it easy to accomplish common tasks like reconciling payments received through Stripe against invoices or account codes.

After a simple, straightforward setup that typically takes only minutes, Silver Siphon does away with this issue and others, making this common pairing even more powerful by representing Stripe activity as a detailed bank feed within Xero. With the Silver Siphon back-end now rewritten to be even more flexible and accommodating, the web application now offers this same valuable functionality for the popular Australian Pin Payments gateway, as well.

This major new development is the first of what will likely be a number of similar Silver Siphon enhancements to come. More information can be found at the Silver Siphon website.

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Doing away with the most common bookkeeping headaches and making business easier and more efficient, Silver Siphon bridges the popular Xero accounting system with payment gateways like Stripe and Pin Payments.

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