xCoins.io Is Launched Amazingly Quick Access To Bitcoin with Credit Card

xCoins.io, the pioneer peer-to-peer bitcoin platform announces its launch and offers a truly unique advantage: extremely quick access to bitcoin.

(Menlo Park, CA, 08/22/2016) - Great news for bitcoin users: a new peer-to-peer platform is launched to eliminate the time between bitcoin transactions and provide them with quick access to this popular crypto currency.

The name of this amazing platform is xCoins.io. Its key advantage is that it enables its users to arrange a quick person-to-person trade through their peer-to-peer platform, instead of waiting and waiting for a bank transfer, that usually takes several days to complete.

The process for a new user is very simple: the user signs up for an xCoins account to get started and the process takes only a few minutes. He specifies an amount of bitcoin he needs and makes a payment with his preferred payment method. He quickly receives bitcoin to his xCoins wallet and he is now able to spend them on anything he likes.

xCoins.io promises to complete a bitcoin transaction in minutes. The user that wants to get bitcoin enters the amount he is looking for and hits search. The platform automatically locates the best offer for the specific amount enabling the user to make the payment directly to the person supplying bitcoin. The platform can track his payment and release bitcoin instantly to the user with no manual effort of any kind. Amazing, right?

And there is more. On xCoins.io, payment disputes and disagreements are eliminated as all transactions are tracked automatically by the platform. Moreover, this unique marketplace is among the few worldwide that accept a wide variety of payment methods including Paypal and credit card. To support this feature the platform is ultra-safe and secure as it uses state of the art security and encryption.

As John C, one of the many satisfied xCoins.io users wrote “This site is incredible. Transactions are instant and they are very upfront about fees. Easily one of if not the best ways to by BTC if you are legit. Hats off to the xCoins team - you guys have done a superior job.” Another user, Frank, added “It was my first bitcoin purchase success after a very bad experience elsewhere, xCoins is great and being able to pay with my PayPal account was awesome. I highly recommend xCoins, they have a customer for life.”

For further information and to make your own bitcoin transactions visit xCoins.io today.

xCoins.io is a quickly growing start-up based in Menlo Park, California. It is a pioneer peer-to-peer bitcoin platform that offers fast execution and ultra-security and encryption.

Contact Info:
Name: Sergey Nikitin
Email: Send Email
Organization: xCoins.io
Address: 325 Sharon Park Dr., # 428 Menlo Park, CA 94025
Phone: 650-681-9744
Website: https://xCoins.io

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